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Group Contact information for the HAM Surname DNA Project Participants

    DISCLAIMER:   The HAM DNA Project claims no responsibility for documentation of the lines presented here.
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                                                                                                          Group 003

Group #3 has estimated by  FTDNA and Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor as "R1b1a2"

  "Adam" -> M168 -> M89 -> M9 -> M45 -> M207 -> M173 -> M343

Haplotype Group reading references:

National Genographic Haplotype Group maps

The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo Sapiens Sapiens in Extant Europeans, (see classification Eu18) Science Nov. 2000, Stanford University

R1b1c Deep SNP (Subclade) Testing Demographics  by David Faux of EthnoAncestry.

Links section from EthnoAncestry


    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in March, 2011. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1b2 became    R1b1a2
    I2b          became     I2b1

    Haplotype Groups were re-classified by Family Tree DNA in May, 2008. 
This affected the following existing groups:

    R1b1c became    R1b1b2
    I1a       became     I1
    I1b       became     I
    I1c       became     I2b
    E3b1a  became   E1b1b1

Kit number
Ancestor / Description
Donald and Dolores Ham    


  doloresham (at) comcast.net
descends from:

1) Captain Richard HAM  b. EST 1740-45 deceased BEF 1800 probably S.C.;
    married Elizabeth  _______  (maiden name unknown)
 2) John HAM  b. est  1761 Charleston, SC; d. 1855  Pulaski County, KY
      married April 1796 in Orangeburg District, SC to Letty CARGILL ( 1781 - AFT 1860)
          (Have names of three other possible children.)
  3)  Maranda "Randy" HAM  b. ABT 1807 SC; d. 1878 Pulaski County, KY
        married Jane W. BOYER/S b. 1817 Whitley County, KY.
   4) Cyrenius Milton HAM  b. 13 April 1858 Pulaski County, KY;
           d. 17 August 1942  Pulaski County, KY married 31 January 1880
           Dicy Jane WADDLE b. 14 March 1858 Pulaski County, KY;
           d. 10 October 1949 Pulaski County, KY.
    5) Renia Cornelius HAM  b. 26 January 1882 Pulaski County, KY;
        d. 16 June 1964 Pulaski County, KY  married 11 October 1906
         Amanda Elizabeth PHELPS b. 05 January 1885; d. 16 May 1954.
     6) Ray HAM  b. 30 March 1912 Pulaski County, KY, d. 27 January 1994
         Pulaski County, KY  married 30 September 1932 Thelma Lee SEARS b. 1913


Linda Ham


lindaleeham (at) bellsouth.net
descends from:

Thomas HAM, Sr. b. 1730, England, d. 1790, Charleston, South Carolina

Married Sarah McCONNELL b. 1733, Belfast, Ireland (possibly England) died 1810, Charleston, South Carolina
       Thomas HAM, Jr. (1766-1825) Charleston, South Carolina
       Married Margaret Addison RALPH (1777-1822) Charleston, South Carolina
              William Richards Addison HAM (ABT 1810-1874) Charleston, South Carolina
              Married Elizabeth MOORE (ABT 1819-1879) Charleston, South Carolina
                     Clarence Middleton HAM (ABT 1849-1897) Charleston, South Carolina
                     Married Mary Henrietta BIZE (1851-1891) Charleston, South Carolina
                           Albert Percival HAM (1887-1948) Charleston, South Carolina
                          Married Ruth Estelle WHITE (1896-1967) Charleston, South Carolina
                                   Wilson Augustus HAM (1917-2000) Charleston, South Carolina


Doug Brock


Cacc49Peg (at) cox.net
descends from:

1) James HAM     b. 22 May 1812 in Cornwall England. died 19 Nov 1892 Lafayette Co., MO buried Calvary Cemetery, Corder, Lafayette Co., MO
On 16 Feb 1836 James married Virginia ‘Jenny’ STRIPLING in North Tamerton, Cornwall, ENG. Virginia ‘Jenny’ was born in Cornwall, ENG, on 12 Apr 1818 and died in Lafayette Co., MO, on 26 Apr 1896.
                 John HAM (1847-1912) b.  26 Aug 1847 North Tamerton, Cornwall, ENG d. Lafayette Co., MO, on 5 Mar 1912.
                 Richard HAM (1852-1929) b. 14 Sep 1852 St. Mary’s, Perth Co., Ontario, CAN d. 24 Sep 1929 Riverside Co., CA
                 William James HAM (1855-1926) b. 20 May 1855 St. Mary’s, Perth Co., Ontario, CAN d. 12 Dec 1926 in Clinton, Henry Co., MO
                 George Thomas HAM (1860-1931) b. 14 Jun 1860 t. Mary’s, Perth Co., Ontario, CAN  d. 24 Aug 1931 in Corder, Lafayette Co., MO
                 Albert Edward HAM (1863->1940) b. Jul 1863 Ontario, CAN  d. AFT 1940
107820 Contact:

  Gene Hamm



Y-Search:   5TYXY
descends from:

1) Jacob HAM, Sr.     b. 1721 Rhine Valley, Germany d. September 1786 Berkley Co, VA (now WV) married Barbara Tull     b. 1731 Virginia   d. 1815 Kentucky
 2) Jacob HAM Jr    b. Virginia 1759    d. 1817 Bourbon Co now Nicholas Co, KY
    married Katherine Kimes    b. Pennsylvania
  3)  John HAM II      b. June 13, 1782  Berkley Co, VA  d. May 17, 1867 Nicholas Co,
        Ky  married Chloe Tabitha Jones     b. Jan. 26, 1785 Montgomery Co, MD   
        d. Oct 19, 1860 Nicholas Co, KY

     4)   Caleb Letton HAM     b. 1814 McBrides Creek, Bourbon Co, KY   d. 1862
            Sugar Creek, Nicholas Co, KY  married Angeline Johnson b. 1817
        5)   James Allen HAM     b. November 5, 1849 Nicholas Co, KY   d. 1922/1923
               Olive Hill, Carter Co, KY  marred Cosby Ellen Johnson   b. December 10,
               1878 Elliot CO, KY    d. October 19, 1935 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY

           6)    Woodrow Wilson HAMM    b. March 3, 1913 Clayton, NM    d. June 14,
                   1967 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY   married Maguerite Littrell
                    b. Lexington, Fayette Co, KY    d. Louisville, KY 1984
              7)      Gene Hamm Sr, b. January 27, 1933 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY
                        d. October 8, 1981 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY

  Steven Ham


sbham592 (at) gmail.com
descends from:

1) Jacob HAM  b. ABT 1763 Rowan County, NC – d. ABT 1822 Knox, TN
    married  Magdalena Winker (1769-1846)
     Adam Ham b. 1809 TN – d. 1871 Saline County, MO
     married Mary Ann Whitson (1823-1865)
        Mathias Ham b. Sep. 1848 Saline, MO d. Dec. 1910 Holt, MO
        married Flora Watson (1863-1935)
          Don L. Ham b. Apr. 1887 Rawlins, KS- d. Jul. 1972 Holt, MO
          married Clara M. Smith (1905-1993)