HAM Country GEDCOM Files

If you would like to place your GEDCOM files here, then please follow instructions on the "GEDCOM Submissions" page.

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  • The GEDCOM files are ZIP archived GEDCOM files. This page is set to enable folks to FTP the file to their home computer.

    To download and use these files, you need two items on your computer:

    1) An FTP program installed on your computer. You can find one for free from Yahoo. (Once installed, your web browser should recognize when to FTP.)

    2) The files are in ZIP format. They need to be Un-Zipped. You can also get a free ZIP program from the internet.

    Contents of directory Gedcoms:

    Name Directory Size Description

    HCDEVCA.ZIP Gedcoms 17.1 K HAM, Charles, b. 1825 Devonshire, England

    HE4ACNC.ZIP Gedcoms 24.9 K HAM, Eli descendants 4 gen. Ashe Co., NC

    HWCDSC.ZIP Gedcoms 22.2 K HAMM, William from 1764 Cheraw Dist., SC

    HWLCAL.ZIP Gedcoms 2.2 K HAMM, William 1880-1895 Alabama to Oklahoma

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