HAM Country

by David Hamm

Instructions - How To Submit Gedcom Files to the Ham Country web page.

  • Attach your GEDCOM file to an email addressed to:         odoniv (at) earthlink.net

    Please have the file in GEDCOM format or GEDCOM compressed with the "ZIP" utility.

  • 1) Attach your GEDCOM/ZIP format file to your email.
  • 2) Ask to include your file in the Ham Country GEDCOM area.
  • 3) Give a short description of about 40 characters.
  • 4) Add a long description (readme) of less than 200 characters.
  • 5) Provide contact information:

  • Date:
  • Submitter:
  • email:
  • URL: http://
  • For Example:

  •      Please include the attached file to the HAM Country GEDCOM area.
         This file is of my line from my Uncle Sam.
         My contact info is:

  • Date:              08/08/98
  • Submitter:    Dave Hamm
  • email:            odoniv (at) earthlink.net
  • URL:              http://home.earthlink.net/~odoniv/HamCountry/

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