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This is us with dada in Milwaukee, July 2, 2004

If you want to look at photos of dada, you're on the right track. You can also look at some of our photos of our dogs, our friends and whatever else we put up.

We have video from the Park West show in Chicago, 2004. There are three parts because of trying to edit for dvd. The audio is pretty bad for most of this because of being so close to the front speakers.

And after uploading, we realized that the end of part three is not really the last part of the show. We'll need to come back and fix this because you're missing the best video, Phil singing GGGN.

...and yes that IS Elvis driving the Taurus wagon at the start of part 1.

click here to play first part of video

click here to play second part video

click here to play third part of video