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My background

OTCH Daisy Girl X TD High in Trial Win 1988
This win 1988 finished Daisy's Obedience champion

Gail Workman



30+ years experience training dogs.

 Gail is experienced in many methods of training keeping up dated on all the new methods available, as well as using the older traditional methods. Gail believes a good instructor should have knowledge of and be able to use all tools available to pair you and your dog for the best up to date training program available

Gail actively shows her own dogs in obedience, agility, tracking, hunting tests, and flyball. 

Gail Grew up with a cocker spaniel, ‘Droopy’  he was her best buddy, Droopy was the typical door crasher and would take the opportunity to take off when ever he had an opportunity, the command come was not in his vocabulary. Droopy was loved dearly though and some how managed to live to 15 years old.

Gail had to have another cocker spaniel, but this one was going to be well behaved. That is how Gail got started training dogs. Little did she know at that time she was destining to have a career in dog training?

1983 Gail started out with a wonderful instructor in Las Vegas (Dee Buckles) who seen something special in Gail and her dog (Daisy) Dee pushed them to be the best they could be. With Dee's help Gail took Daisy to the highest level of AKC obedience (UD) and then with the help of Carol Forsythe also from Las Vegas Gail and Daisy were able to achieve an (OTCH) Obedience Trial Champion. This is an amazing accomplishment with your first dog. Daisy was only 5 years old and still eager to continue,  Gail learn the sport of Tracking with instruction and encouragement of Kristie Rasmussen Daisy earned her Tracking Dog Title (TD)

Gail has earned 6 tracking titles now working on a 7th (TD) and 2 Tracking Excellent titles (TDX).

1984 Gail joined the local dog club in Las Vegas where she volunteered her time training classes for 15 years, served as training director for 4 years and Obedience Trial Chair for 2 years.

Much of Gail’s knowledge has come from her own experiences training and showing her own dogs to top levels of dog sports.

Gail’s dogs have always been her companions first and foremost.  Many were rescues. She learned so much from the rescues on how to work through fears, phobias and behavioral issues...

Gail was lucky to have the opportunity to work with a behaviorist (Kim Cahill)  in the early 1990's 3 times a week for a year, who taught her the power of clicker training.  At the time this method was still fairly new to dog trainers, but used to train sea animals. 

Gail enjoys the sport of flyball, you may have seen Gail on Animal Planet racing flyball with her cocker Kelly.  Gail is captain of a flyball team in southern Utah ‘Iron Dog Flyers’ Gail had 3 generation of cocker flyball dogs, now working with a new generation of flyball dogs and rescue dogs.

 Gail has always dabbled in Agility since her first dog Daisy, mainly for fun to build confidence, but once it became an AKC sport, Gail started trialing her dogs in agility also.  Agility was the sport that helps Gail’s Dog Kelly make history for the American cocker Spaniel 'Kelly' was the first cocker to earn the honored title VCD3.  Kelly was ranked the # one obedience cocker in the country 1997-1999  Kelly was bred, trained and owned by Gail. Proudly Kelly was inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame.

Knights Little Kelly Girl


In 1998 Gail started training her cocker spaniel (Kelly) in the field. Only because Gail believed that if she were to breed she should have at least the minimal title in hunting since cockers are sporting dogs.  Gail loved the sport so much she continued, not only did Kelly become a Senior Hunter, but her son (Cruiser) is now a Master Hunter. Gail has put hunting titles now on 8 American cocker spaniels.

Gail was hired by Pet smart in the late 1990's to implement their new training program to The Las Vegas area. Gail was to learn their program and then teach the program to the local instructors. Pets smart has a wonderful pet training program, developed by several top trainers and behaviorist through out the US and Canada. Gail was lucky to be part of learning from them. 3 weeks 5 days a week 8 hours a day this was a great experience I will always be grateful to have had the chance to learn from some of the best in the country.

Gail has worked out of her home in Las Vegas and now Southern UT teaching people how to train their dogs for 30+ years.  

Gail and her Husband Gary are retired and have now lived for 9 years, 20 miles west of Cedar City, UT in the juniper hills a beautifull high desert community surrounded by BLM property

With all that Gail has learned over the past 30+ years she has been involved with training dogs and instructing people, she has developed her own methods of training.

Helping people train their dogs is not work for Gail, it is a passion.  The money she earns goes right back into her dogs allows her to continue her journey in dog sports, and to keep learning from each dog she trains

It is truly amazing the bond you will build with your dog through a little obedience training.

Gail has worked with many wonderful instructors and behaviorists attending seminars over the years to keep her self up dated on training methods. There is always more to learn, new ideas and motivations.

The picture at the top of the page is Gail Workman at 28 years old in 1988 with her first cocker she trained and showed, this was the win that finished there Obedience Trial Champion.



Gail’s dogs

Tucker (cocker rescue) in training and available to a special home.

GG Iron Waters Bailey WD JH (cocker rescue) Available to a hunting/performance home.

GG Iron Waters Special Harvest (Zin) puppy bred by Patricia Elkins, showing in the conformation ring. 

Six of Seven CDX RA NA NAJ WD SH

Maggie May, Cocker, field training with Bob Linehan

CH Tru-Luv & St James Golden Eye RN TD 'Pierce' (cocker Spaniel)  Available for Stud.

Tru-Luv's Girl next Door VCD1 RA BN JH WDX  'Kendra' (cocker Spaniel)

Carousels Mandolin Wind VCD2 CDX TD OA OAJ RA JH (cocker) Mandolin

Raines Lady Katy Bug RN (cocker) (Rescue) Lady Seven CDX RA NA NAJ WD SH (Cocker) Six


One for the Gipper (Mix Breed) (Rescue) Gipper   Now lives with our friend Doug getting lots of special attention, and giving companionship.

GG Ironwaters Six Carrat Diamond Lil  'Lil' (Cruisers grand daughter) Now Co own with Adam Pearson in Ogden, Utah

GG Ironwaters Dusty Drifter  'Dusty'(Cruisers Grandson) puppy in training, now owned by: Bob and Marsha Linehan, San Deigo, CA

Legacy's Autumn Fire CD TD now loved by Jackie Lovette and Stay Brown in Washington state.

 Special angles waiting for us over the rainbow bridge 

Max (cocker) (Rescue) passed over the rainbow bridge, thank you Max for all you taught us about loving life, no matter your hardship.

Little Black Jet Stream CDX FDCH (schipperke) Jet Passed over the rainbow bridge. special cocker. 

Kelly's Cruisen Legacy
(cocker) Cruiser (sadly Cruiser passed over the rainbow bridge Dec. 2 2011)  we love and miss you Cruiser, thank you for the many Journies we shared together.

Madison’s Legacy’s with Pride CDX RA AX, AXJ TD VCD2 JH (Cocker)  Lacy

 Droopy (cocker Spaniel)

Muffin (Mix Breed)

Mouse CD (all American mix breed)

OTCH Daisy Girl X TD (cocker) Daisy

Knights Angelina My Lady UD (Cocker) (Rescue) Angie

Dana’s Mr. Sniffles CD (Cocker) (rescue) Sniffles

Daisy’s Sahara CDX (cocker) Sahara

Little Bit o Pepsi CDX (Pomeranian) (Rescue) Pepsi

Workman’s Tina Turner UD (Doberman) (Rescue) Tina

Knights Little Kelly Girl

Kelly’s Legacy by Cruiser CD JH NAJ (cocker) Charlie











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