Check out articles about the party:
NY Times, November 30, 2003

Time Out NY, March 27, 2003

Like Barnum and Bailey's "only living unicorn," the MAGIC GARDEN is the first and only party exclusively for people who were raised in NEW YORK CITY (the five boroughs).

This native New Yorker party is invite-only. Only people who were raised and schooled in NYC are invited. Special attention will be given to those born in a NYC hospital - or better yet, a taxi, bus or subway. Entrance fee is $1. Yes, one dollar. With cheap drinks. And kickass music from DJ S.L.Y. The party is once a month.

You control who comes to this party. You are strongly encouraged to invite childhood friends and other cool folks who grew up in the city. Significant others are invited, despite their place of birth (only if they're really and truly significant).

You must use the password to gain entry. The password will change each month. To
get the password and to be added to the email list, answer the questionnaire on the can i come? page.

Q: "I grew up in New Jersey, isn't that pretty much the same as NY?"
- Johnny, Teaneck, NJ.
A: "No, you must be smoking crack."

Q: "A whole group of us moved to NY after college, like 10 years ago, so we're officially New Yorkers, right?"
- Pam, Detroit, MI (but actually from a wealthy suburb 20 miles from Detroit).
A: "Not a chance."