GAME WITH VARIATIONS - Love Poems by Nancy Shiffrin

GAME WITH VARIATIONS - Love Poems by Nancy Shiffrin
Love Poems by Nancy Shiffrin
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                I WRITE

                each day
                on these sheets
                marrow bone sinew
                each night
                on those sheets

GAME WITH VARIATIONS  is a collection of poems which reveals the dimensions of a mature woman's erotic life.  Nancy Shiffrin plays, dances, grapples with harsh realities and shares her dreamlife.  Order now!

Nancy Shiffrin reads on Out on the Stoop.

"Eroticism is one of the basic means of self-knowledge, as indispensable as poetry..."  Anais Nin  In Favor of the Sensitive Man

About Nancy Shiffrin's poetry:

"There is a Mexican saying, 'De medico, poeta y loco/ todos tenemos un poco (We all have a bit of doctor, poet and madman - or woman - in us)'.  Nancy Shiffrin takes all three roles...  She stirs us with powerful sounds and images...  She is a master of detail."  Barbara Lombardo,  On The Bus

"Many of these poems are marvelous!  There is the clear sense of the completely liberated woman...  The poet cares that we like her poems, but she won't stop writing if we don't."  Leo Connellan,  Small Press Review

"Nancy Shiffrin's poetry is to cherish for richness of emotions and vividness of metaphor.  She confronts the body frankly, patriarchal repression with rightful anger..."  Natania Rosenfeld,  Shofar

"Nancy Shiffrin's poems are gut-land responses to a personal life of risks, frustrations, and celebrations.  Her writing is lean, sensitive, erotic.  She celebrates the female body with a rare vigor."  Robert Peters

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