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Here are course descriptions for Ms. Bailey's
classes this year:

NYC Board of Education

Computer Communications
Students at Work

Computer Communications: Who needs a basic computer course if you already know how to use a computer? Everyone does! The skills you learn in this class will help you to master the software on your computer and do all your school work better and faster. Cycle 1 is basic keyboarding. Cycle 2 is word processing and document formatting. Cycle 3/4 is Business Communications using the Microsoft Office software suite.

Electronic Information Processing: A complete course in using the industry standard in word processing software: MS Word 2000. Students will learn how to use all features of this program in real-world situations. Colleges expect students to be able to use this software in order to complete assignments and projects. Students will develop proficiency with basic documents and advanced multi-page reports. (Keyboarding skill is a requirement before this course is taken)

PowerPoint Business Presentations: Student learn how to plan, create and present professional quality multimedia presentations which include slides, visual and sound effects. PowerPoint is used at all levels of business management and many college courses require student presentations with PowerPoint. (No keyboarding skill required for this course)


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Electronic Information Processing

Floppy Disk

PowerPoint Business Presentations

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