A Luger, Holster, and Bayonet all Regimentally 
Marked to the Machine Gun Company of Infantry 
Regiment No. 156.
    The definitive book on Imperial German Regimental Markings is immediately available now as a 8.5x11 inch, cloth hard bound book with over 200 pages.  This book will be a great addition to your reference library. 

This book covers:

 A practical look at Regimental Marking application by Official 
Regulation and in actual practice.

Keys to correctly interpreting and understanding Regimental Markings.

A listing of over 650 Regimental Markings 


Observations of over 1500 actual Regimental Markings on weapons with their Translations.  Including:

Over 580 Pistols and Revolvers

Over 140 Holsters

Over 10 Machine Guns and Accessories

Over 190 Rifles

Over 580 Bayonets, Lances & Swords

    The Imperial German Regimental Marking will provide the basis for thorough research of Regimental Markings found on German Weapons and Militaria of the 1871-1918 era.  Examination of the documented observations will give the collector or researcher perspective of the types and characteristics of pieces likely to be found today.  In addition., a Troop Register identifying major units to their respective Divisions facilitating investigation of a piece's Wartime activities.  I will welcome additional Regimental Markings from your collections or observations.

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