There is no Sailor Moon. But there are still heroes...

Episode One : Dreams
Episode Two : Nightmares
Episode Three : Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Episode Four : Fire on the Mountain
Episode Five : Highway to Hell
Episode Six : Jadeite is Quenched

Episode Seven : Boy Trouble
Episode Eight : Green Thumbs
Episode Nine : Mercury Falling

Episode Ten : Challenge of Vengance
Episode Eleven : Devil-Hunter Raye
Episode Twelve : Fearless Vampire Killers
Episode Thirteen : Temple of Doom!

Episode Fourteen : UFO Catchers
Episode Fifteen : The Truth is Out There
Episode Sixteen : Green Magic
Episode Seventeen : The God Gun
Episode Eighteen : 333 Meters Over Tokyo
Episode Nineteen : Free-Fall in Crimson

Coming soon....

Episode Twenty : To Light a Fire
Episode Twenty-One : Beauty and the Beast
Episode Twenty-Two : Who is Sailor V?
Episode Twenty-Three : The Littlest Sailor
Episode Twenty-Four : Fallen Heroes

And with any luck, Episode 25 will mark the beginning of the Second Season! I don't want to give anything away, but here are some potential episode titles;

Episode Twenty-Five: Rules of Engagement
Episode Twenty-Six: To Bear the UnBearable
Episode Twenty-Seven: Molly's Heroes.....

A note from the author...

You don't need to know anything about Sailor Moon to read (and I hope enjoy) this tale. But if you do know a little something about Sailor Moon, a warning and an apology...

I've used mostly the dub names and in general followed the Dic translation of the anime rather than manga or original. However, place names have migrated back to Japan, certain character details have gone back to Naoko-sensei's original work, and various and sundry details were created whole cloth.

The result is intended to be a coherent and fairly logical whole. My apologies for any feet I may have stepped on in the process. I hope you like what I have done with Serena, Raye, Amy and the rest, and that you will continue following through to the end.

The Lita Files

At last, the big episode is here. From the Tower on out things will change radically for our sailors and their friends. That is, if they can survive a battle to the finish on a tiny platform a quarter mile above the rooftops of Tokyo!