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N.O. JugglersThe New Orleans Jugglers:

The New Orleans Jugglers meet Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. and every Wednesday at 5:00pm in Audubon Park,  on St. Charles, across the street from the Tulane and Loyola campuses (to the left of the large fountain).

Please feel free to join us!

We are a diverse group that share a similar interest; Juggling!

Our goals are to improve our skills, share our knowledge with others, and above all to have fun.

If you are from the New Orleans area, or just visiting, feel free to drop by and toss a few with us. 

The New Orleans Jugglers club is open to anyone who wants to learn how to juggle, as well as experienced jugglers. There is no fee.


If you don't practice, you won't get better. That was a near catch. Let's see you run five. That was a near double. First lesson; Drop two. And one, and two, and toss... That was a trick throw. That was a trick catch. Throw-up and catchup. But can you do that in the dark? No, throw them both up! One, two! Stand at the edge of a cliff and practice. It was the wind! The sun got in my eyes! The wind got in my eyes! Throw, catch, repeat... (With torches) "Pick it up; stomp it out." Now if you can do that with both hands... At first this may seem difficult. Can you do that behind your back? Throw, throw; catch, catch. If you get the throws, the catches will follow. If you are juggling "n" objects, the crowd always asks if you can do n+1. And one, and two, and toss! Throw, then catch. Let's try that with a hot start. It is just the art of throwing up and catching it. But it's really easier than it looks. It looks easier than it looks. Excellent, you almost have it there. Now just do that 999 more times and it'll look smooth. It's always fun until someone gets an eye poked out.


New Orleans Jugglers 2003

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