Song For America
Song For America
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Song for America - is a patriotic number that invokes a real sense of national pride, . I wrote this song a few months after 9/11, and have dedicated it to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice that day,  and to all the men and women who serve to keep this nation free.

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From Valley Forge to Gettysburg

We have fought and died for a single word.

Marched over the mountain down to the river below

Just to hear that Liberty Bell toll.

By the fires at night

By the rockets glare

From the battlefields everywhere.

Gloria Halleluiah filled the air

And brought the hope of freedom and a home to share.


When we saw stripes of red and white and stars in a field of blue.

We raised our hands to our hearts and we pledged our love for you.

The shining light of Lady Liberty lifted us up to where the eagle flew.

We stood the fight and did what was right

For America, The red the white and the blue.


Time and again our brave soldiers defend this great democracy.

From this land united we stand, from sea to shining sea

Not without a price – and the cost is high

But we made our choice to live free or die.

From the sacred ground where all our heroes lie

The bugle calls out to a sunset sky…..


Oh a sky of red and white and stars in a field of blue

I raised my hand to my brow and I said a prayer for you.

I asked the Light of Lady Liberty to give us strength to see us through

To dawns early light in Gods blessed sight

Is America, America the true.


We have stood with honor throughout our history

And come together in our tragedy

Lost sons and daughters, mothers and fathers

Are forever in our memories.

I was on my knees through prayers and tears

And raised my head to see when the smoke had cleared

Above the fall and through it all now and forever….flying free!


I saw stripes of red and white and stars in a field of blue

I raised my hand to the sky and swore I would always defend you.

I saw the light of Lady Liberty out in that harbor shining bright.

In the dark of night I can see the light

 America.  America the true.

 America, the red the white and the blue.

 America..... my sons and daughters, it is you.

2005 ASCAP



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