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General Note: Part numbers used for reproduction parts generally follow the original part numbers in S800 Parts List #4 and S600 Parts List #5. In some cases these numbers supercede earlier numbers or are superceded in later Honda lists. If in doubt, give engine/chassis numbers when ordering. "n.a." currently not available, inquire.

Notes: The solenoid electric petrol valve (17000-000-ORT) should be installed in the fuel line between the fuel pump and carburetors, blocking fuel flow when the ignition is off. In a coupe, (or a convertible parked downhill) the fuel level in the fuel tank is high enough to feed the carburetors by gravity and potentially fill a combustion chamber with fuel.

For the waterpump overhaul kit, the original water seal is no longer available. The substitute seal can only be used with a special substitute impeller. No modification of the housing is necessary for S800. Since S600 impeller is thinner than S800 impeller and early s600 impeller is also smaller diameter, it will be necessary to use S800 housing cover or to modify impeller for clearance with S600 cover.

The pulley assy (starting clutch assy, dry type) and the crankshaft pulley (dry type) are reproduced without the ignition timing marks in order to use on either S600 or S800.

Part Number 28100-516-010 oil bath type starting clutch assembly is rebuilt with the help of an original Honda Goldwing part (28120-371-000) and a special holder. The Goldwing housing uses the same rollers, springs and caps as the original. It is only possible to use it together with the special reproduced sprocket and holder. When fitting, pay attention to possible interference with the front cover (11500-531-010) and correct if necessary.

For all brake master and wheel cylinders, clutch master and slave cylinders, and both disk brake types we offer seals and rings to overhaul. This way parts that are no longer available as replacements can be overhauled.

Give exact size when ordering!

We reproduce the complete 5-Speed Race Gearboxes for S600 and S800 as well as all spare parts for them. For racing we offer a special race clutch.

Please note, add shipping costs. For customers in EC countries, add the VAT of 19%.

List updated 3 December 2012, 21 August 2013. Prices subject to change without notice.

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