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            Not only do I love to crochet, I am a Sci-Fi fan.   If Star Trek is on, I'm watching.  Be it TOS, TNG, DS9,

           Voyager or Enterprise, you'll find me glued to the TV.   Friday nights it's Sci-Fi Channel for

            Stargate Atlantis and whatever else is on.  Otherwise, you'll find me at the gym.              

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Both pictures are of Ben Browder.  On the left, is John Crichton of Farscape; and on the right, Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell of Stargate SG1

These pictures are borrowed from SCI-FI.COM

        FARSCAPE is one of my favorites.  Sci-Fi Channel has ended this series.  It was a good one!!  
            A new mini-series aired to end it:  The Peacekeeper Wars.  It actually ended the series in a good way.  
            At the end of the movie I said to my daughter "The next one will be 'Son of Dargo'."  Ben Browder and Claudia Black,
            the main characters, have a baby and name him after one of the other characters, Dargo.

        STARGATE SG1 is another favorite.  It started as a Showtime original then moved to Sci-Fi.  
         There is lasted 10 seasons. Ben Browder and Claudia Black joined the cast in season nine.  Two full length
            movies going straight to dvd are in the works.  The first has already been released:  The Ark of Truth
            This first movie picked up where season10 left off.

        STARGATE ATLANTIS - A spin-off of Stargate also airs on Sci-Fi Friday nights.  
            This series is still running, going into it's fifth season.  It is actually just as good as the original Stargate SG1.
        BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - Another new series on Sci-fi.  A remake of the old series.  
            I preferred the old series and didn't get into this new one until just recently, which will be the last season.

        ENTERPRISE - The latest of the Star Trek saga, is set in the years before the original Star Trek.  The series ended after only four seasons.  
             The link takes you to, the official Star Trek website.

        STAR TREK - Click here for "The Mother Of All Star Trek Sites".  Lots of links to lots of sites.


           I try to keep the links current.  If you find a broken link, please e-mail me so I can fix it.

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