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        Pictured here are some of the items I have finished.  Links to the pattern are attached, if available.

        Check back often to see more.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments. 

                             Click on a picture for a bigger view.


Tweety-post.gif (297227 bytes) Tweety took nearly 2 months to make and it fits a twin bed.

This was a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter, 17 at the time.  She loved it and it went well with the purple beanbag chair. The master color is lavender and the border is a very dark purple.  A graph for this afghan can be found at CROCHET GRAPH ARCHIVE (no longer available).

elephft1.gif (413845 bytes) This Elephant stands 12" high and is over 24" long (trunk to tail). He was given as a Christmas gift by one of my co-workers to her mother. The pattern is by Barbara Anderson and was printed in a Crochet Safari publication.     
stkng3a.gif (243192 bytes) The first time I made this stocking, it took nearly 8 hours.  The pattern can be found in Leisure Arts Crochet for Christmas 2 Leaflet. In the same leaflet, there is also a Santa and an Elf. 
p2.gif (118064 bytes) This small Pikachu afghan was a Christmas gift for my son who was 12 at the time (10 years ago). He is holding it for me to take the picture.  I was offered $75.00 for this one.  The graph can be found at CROCHET GRAPH ARCHIVE (no longer available).  
You can't tell, but the tips of each ear are done in black. My son wanted the dark blue as the master color but the blue and black run together in the picture.
This afghan now gets passed between two of my grandsons, constantly fighting over it.

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This is my newest creation.  I was asked to make a Valentine heart and decided to make a pillow of that heart.  I created a chart using Excel97 and used each square as one single crochet.  Here you see the front and back of the pillow I made. I used an I hook and it measures 16x16.
         Click here to print the chart.

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This is a bad picture.  Click on it for a better view.   This baby pink and white afghan, cap and 4 pair booties.  It was made for a co-worker's new granddaughter.  I'm sure Mother & daughter will just love it.

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No, this picture is not in black and white, the cow is.   This is a toilet tissue cover I made for a friend who just loves cows.

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