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Prince or pauper? Simple or deluxe?
We can work with almost any budget.
Once upon a time we only planned trips for ourselves. But as time went on and more friends and acquaintances heard stories of our travels, their envy was undisguised. Ultimately a few of them began requesting help with their trips, and soon others were volunteering to pay for the research and details that would make their trips more than "just vacations". Our own style of travel is modest, but we appreciate the finest things in life as much as the next person. You'll never lay your head in a place we wouldn't stay ourselves, or visit a place we'd consider a waste of time.

Our concern is planning an interesting and comfortable trip for you, whether that means a second class couchette or the Orient Express, a bed and breakfast or a rented villa. It matters not if your getaway is for three days or three months. We want you to return with sweet memories and tales to tell, and we work hard to unearth the hidden gems that will appeal to your interests. We can prepare a packet for you before you depart, including all your hotel and local transportation info as well as any needed maps, books and details on those gems at your destination which should be of particular appeal to you.

This kind of planning is quite time-consuming and may add to the cost of your trip. But at the same time quite a few clients end up spending LESS than originally planned for their trips because Mon Voyage has diligently found the best value for money. Clients are free to prioritize their spending: some wish to spend more on hotel rooms, others would rather have extra money for wine! You may also have certain elements of your trip already planned but desire some enhancements that we can organize for you. We are willing to take on any size project, from major to minor, because we want your trip to be fantastic.

Most travel professionals charge $75 to $100 per hour for this type of in-depth planning service. At Mon Voyage you'll pay only $35 an hour for that service, and my clients would agree that it's worth every penny. After hiring Mon Voyage, many of them are coming in below their planned budgets, so the net cost is negligible; and the peace of mind gained from a hassle-free trip is worth the modest investment.

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

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