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Take a trip--for today, an imaginary one--with Mon Voyage. Below you will find brief outlines of some of the Asian and African travels we have planned...

Explore the endlessly intricate decoratve details of a Wat (temple complex), Bangkok


Thailand is a magical place, with marvels of the natural world and those created by man--especially those created by man in honor of a higher power. Historic palaces and museums in Bangkok are numerous, but the highlight may be its many wats, or Thai Buddhist temple complexes, each one more incredible than the last. Travel outside Bangkok to the ancient temple ruins at Ayutthaya, composed of several unique complexes. Fly to Phuket for a bit of R & R at one of the world's most gorgeous beaches. Don't forget Chiang Mai in the north, a lovely city in its own right with famous nighttime markets and luxurious Thai silks. A day or overnight trip to a highly regarded elephant refuge (featured in a National Geographic documentary) can be arranged with transportation to and from Chiang Mai. Bonus: Thai food is fantastic, especially in its native setting!

South India Sojourn

The world's largest democracy, India represents a massive chunk of Asia and unless you have quite a bit of time, you may wish to spend several weeks traveling in only one part of the country. (They don't call it the Subcontinent for nothing!) Instead of the usual Delhi-Taj Mahal-Jaipur trip, why not explore the vibrant south? Fly into Bangalore--familiar as a high-tech center but it's also known as India's Garden City. Spend time in one of the many national parks like Nagarhole or Bandipur, where you may see tigers and hundreds of other species of animals. Travel down to the southernmost tip of India, Kerala, and experience the backwaters on a houseboat or pamper yourself in an Ayurvedic spa. Tour a movie studio in Chennai (Madras), India's "second" moviemaking capital, or discover the remnants of French culture to be found in Pondicherry.

African Expedition

Is it your fondest dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Perhaps your idea of a challenge is a little tamer--seeing the grace of wild animals in their natural habitats, from a vehicle or the air? Sampling the wines of South Africa? Our clients have traveled to several African countries, in both warm and cold climates, in luxurious style and on the rough. All have returned with intense and unforgettable memories of their time on this vast and mysterious continent. I can pair you with the best local outfitters and guides to ensure that your trip is as smooth as possible, with the focus on YOU and the discoveries that lie ahead.

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Taste the offerings at a historic family winery in the Loire Valley

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