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Are you WAY too busy to actually plan a vacation?

Would you rather just enjoy the ride than be bothered with the details?

Do you relish cultural discoveries that make a trip memorable or meaningful?

Do you have an interest or hobby and want to learn more about it while traveling?

Are you finally ready for your dream trip but simply don't have the time or patience to research and plan?

Let Mon Voyage create an itinerary built around your personal interests! Because Mon Voyage is a direct personal research and planning service and not a travel agency per se, we don't always receive commissions from the accommodations, transport providers, or other services we might engage on your behalf. Many of our bookings are with entities so small and specialized that they do not have a commissioning system. Therefore Mon Voyage won't pressure you into making certain choices simply because they will benefit Mon Voyage. Our only stake is that you are satisfied with our service and your travel experience. You will simply be billed for the time that the research and bookings require (so, naturally, the farther ahead you are able to plan your trip--60 to 180 days in advance--the less research time it may require). We can plan a wonderful trip around almost any budget.

From Abbeville to Zagreb and from absinthe to zoos, Mon Voyage can plan your dream trip in such great detail that all you'll have to do is enjoy the experience. Mon Voyage can create an itinerary that caters to your own special interests and tastes, whether you love Alsatian rieslings, formal gardens, performing arts, historical figures, outdoor activities, or just relaxing with your feet up. We'll research and book as much or as little as you wish and find the little gems along the way that you might otherwise miss, whether that's an obscure museum, a family winery, a sporting event, a scenic view or drive, a concert, a historic temple or a village festival.

Mon Voyage looks forward to planning YOUR trip of a lifetime!

New Orleans stoops
Compliments from clients:

"You are a genius! Your directions were fantastic and the places you booked were perfect! Thanks for finding the most gorgeous gardens in France! The itinerary contained so many treats! Thank you for putting together the trip of a lifetime!"
(Kim, Fort Worth)

Catch the ocean breezes at tiny Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia

Take a scenic hike around serene Swan Lake, Grand Teton National Park.

Partake in the local scene and cuisine, in this case along Istanbul's lively Istiklal.

Spend an unforgettable day (or the night) at this elephant refuge, Northern Thailand.

"Nicole has hooked me up with some of the most amazing places in the country and the world. I think she's hung a few moons and then some!"

(Taylor, Washington, DC)

Peer through the Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon National Park

"WOW!! Thanks again for all you are doing!
A bargain at twice the price!"
(Sara, Houston)

Sleep in the tower of this 15th c. chateau, Poitou, France

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Taste the offerings at a historic family winery in the Loire Valley

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