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Although Psychologists rarely think of what they do in these terms, a lot of psychology can be understood better if it is seen as the study of behavioral designs of varioius type: development, motivation, emotions,  and communication. 
Studies on the Design of Some Animal Communication systems:   When one animal "communicates" to another, it mediates a design between the behavior of the receiving animal and some set of circumstances of interest to the communicator. 
The Designs of Baby's Cries.   A baby's cry weaves sound and  drama into an operatic performance that few adult human beings can resist.  This research aimed to discover how and why cries are designed as they are.
The Origins of Group Design.  If the only effective mechanisms is selection on individuals or genes, how does the design of groups come about? 
What is a Small College For?  The concept of natural design can also be applied to higher education.  Considered in relation to the "toolkit" of institutions that constitutes American higher education, what are small colleges best suited to do? 
Miscellaneous Essays and Commentaries Some things just cant be classified!