David Cornelius Smith
Born:        Est. 1841, Washington County, Ohio
Died:        14 Feb 1895, Omaha, Nebraska
Interred:  16 Feb 1895 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 7909 Mormon Bridge Road, Omaha
Notes:      Served in the Civil War from 21 July 1861 to 24 September 1864 as a Private in Company B of the 5th Regiment of West Virginia commanded by Captain Robert B. McCalls.
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Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Civil War burial plot. 
David C. Smith's grave. 
Close up of David's tombstone.  The star next to the grave marker has the letters "G.A.R." which stands for "Grand Army of the Republic."  After the war, veterans formed reunion organizations.  The primary and largest Union Army in the eastern theater was the Army of the Potomac.  The soldiers came up with the reunion organization name of "GAR" to represent its stature.

Francis Michael MacDonagh
Born:        24 September 1839, Loughrea, County Galway, Ireland
Died:        5 June 1885, Omaha, Nebraska
Interred:   Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 4912 Leavenworth, Omaha
Notes:      Started the Omaha newspaper, The Nebraska Watchman

Michael MacDonagh's grave.  His name was misspelled "McDonagh" and caused some delay until the cemetery staff could locate his marker.  They had to reference an old, and somewhat disorganized, card catalog for the information. I'm truly amazed they found the grave stone location information. 
Close up of MacDonagh's tombstone. Remarkably, it's well-preserved.  According to the cemetery staff, the tombstone had recently fallen over and they fixed it up all nice.  The plot is now owned by Boy's Town. 
View of South Omaha from MacDonagh's grave. 

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