Nick Piklor Cab Owner/ Operator Webster Township N.W. Ann Arbor Campus To DTW


After 12 years of driving I have had to stop work due to injuries sustained in a series of rear endings . Please remember me in your prayers .
Welcome to my homepage on the World Wide Web! I'm glad you stopped by. I am a cab owner operator in the Ann Arbor Michigan area. I live in a wonderful historic farming community (Webster Township) about 9 miles N.W. of downtown.
I am always hoping to find customers who desire a prompt , polite , personal driver for their airport commutes . My customers are my family and I treat them as such. If you live close by and want the advantages of a personal driver e-mail me. I am the sole driver of my car a clean Chevrolet Caprice Taxi model. I need at least 3 days advanced notice ; this protects both of us and allows time for comfirmations or if needed alternative arrangements. All e-mails are responded to nightly between 5- 7pm. I only desire to perpetuate a small close group of satisfied customers. I am finding I need to reinvent the way I have been doing business because of a severe neck and back injury I have suffered which makes it difficult to work full time doing city only driving. Hiway commutes are much easier on me: less vibration and neck turning . Of course I am fully licensed and insured. I accept cash only at this time - receipts are always available.
My email address is I always charge Ann Arbor meter rates of 1.75 flag drop and 1.75 a mile plus wait time if applicable for the first trip. This is a service where much of a drivers income is tip related - 15 % is the suggested rate for good service. This is just a guidline believe me I understand everyone is trying to keep expenses down. I usually set a flat rate after the first trip that includes the gratuity and which is rounded down in your favor. I always give people five free minutes if they need longer they should call me at the cell phone number provided at confirmstion. Wait time is charged at normal Ann Arbor meter rates of $20 per hour. For a customer that lives very close to me and travels weekly I may be willing to negotiate further. My minimum fee for personal transactions however is $50 dollars including the gratuity.
When I am not doing these runs I work as a Independent contractor for the best cab company in Ann Arbor so I stay as busy as is possible for me now. I have lived in the Ann Arbor area since 1966 graduating from Pioneer High in 1976. I have a Associates degrree with honors and speak just enough Spanish to communicate. I know the area well and carry the needed maps plus have online access to Mapquest in my cab . I have no points on my license. I obey all traffic laws. I am willing to let you personalize me with any transportation needs originating or ending up in my area subject to my $50 minimum. I can work deals with your business guests from out of town at $300 for a ten hour day with a 300 mile max on distance originating and ending in Ann Arbor.I know Southeastern Mi. and willing to travel anywhere intra-state or further if you wish. I am flexible, run your long distance needs or deliveries by me - maybe we can help eachother. PS do to a my spinal injury I do not lift heavy items. If that would be a problem for you (35lbs max.) please take it in consideration before calling. To be honest any lifting hurts me now . I have found that even with other disabled individuals in most cases if we work together we can get everything loaded lifting together. Up front deposits are required upon pickup to destinations other than DTW. This covers up to 4 people plus whatever luggage the trunk can hold and shut normally aprox. 2 pullmans and 2 carry ons. I carry bungee cords if needed and we can load a little more by using them to hold down a open trunk lid.
When contacting me always leave your e-mail address, phone number to confirm, plus at the pickup point , name , departure date , and pickup time allow a minimum of 2 hours and 45 minutes for domestic flights 3 hours and 45 minutes for international due to new security measures. You should round this up for holiday trips. I will give you my cars cell phone number when I confirm - only for emergencies. Please never use it to contact me unless you must cancel or tell me about a delay on the day of service , otherwise use e-mail. I cannot answer while driving so if I do not pick up leave a message and as soon as I can pull over I will review it and get back to you. If you must call me at my residence please remember I get up at 4 A.M each day so I go to bed at 7p.m. unless reservations take me off schedule. I carry a full selection of classical music and relaxation cds you may enjoy just ask me for my current selections or bring your own. I have dual airbags and shoulder belts front and rear. Look forward to hearing from you. I am a non smoking cab. Lastely, always look at this web site for posted black out days when I am not availeable . There are none currently. Thanks Nick
Ps Incase of severe rain (mud), snow , or ice driveways must be clear and passable or I will go only so far as the public roadway. Of course I will call up to the house to let you know I have arrived if I do not feel comfortable with conditions. This again protects you . The last thing you need is a stuck cab when you have to travel. I cannot be responsible for losses or inconveinences from situations under which I have no control. However I will do my best in any situation to accommodate you .




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