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New 2009 Nia Fusion Fitness Class,
This video is the class project produced by the six week summer session Nia class. Get a brief look at what Nia is, and listen to students as they share what they have expereinced during their Nia summer session class.
Spring 2009 Nia Fusion Fitness Class
This slide show was created with images taken in the spring 2009 Nia Fusion Fitness class at Moorpark College. Students Karissa, Latham, Brie, and Donna all contributed images, and then I provided the photoshop editing an d post production to put together this slide show.
This is a news clip filmed in South Africa that does a nice job explaining the origins of the Nia@Technique and will help you undertsnad the types of movements used in Nia classes. Debbie Rosas, co-founder of the Nia Technique is featured.
Nia is fitness is fun, creative and social. Check out scenes from this three day Nia event at Nia Moves in Houston Texas. Participants included all levels of Nia instructors and students. There were Nia classes plus workshops about music, movement, nutrition, and dance jams and socials.
The Nia Now video is produced by the Nia Technique cofounders Carlos & Debbie Rosas, and will provide you with some background information about the Nia Technique and outline some of the benefits you can expect to receieve from this fitness practice.
Nia May be new at Moorpark College, yet if you watched the previous video you learned that Nia popular throughout the country, and is taught in 30 different countries. It is uncommon to find Nia classes in your average gym, they tend to be taught in specialized fitness studios focusing on mind-body practices and holistic health. Check out this video of a Nia event in South Africa.