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A classic Nia Class is comprised of one hour of energizing movement. Classes are designed using seven cycles. Cycle one is setting a focus and intent for the class session. Cycle two is called stepping in, and is a time to relax and prepare the body and mind for movement. Cycle three is the warm up, followed by cycle four where you spend a good portion of the session really moving with as much vigor as you like. The fifth cycle is the cool down, and then there is floor play in cycle six. Cycle seven provides a time for the transition into the next activity in your day. The short movie clip is a sample of a Nia warm up, filmed on Santa Rosa Island.

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Images from 2009 Summer session Nia Fusion Fitness during a Playshop to explore Free Dancing with Neon Glow sticks, "Painting with Light, Movement as Art"
Photos from the spring 2009 Nia Fusion Fitness class in action, implementing moves from dance, martial arts, healing arts and putting it all together with personal style and creative expression.
In March 2008 over one hundred students were introduced to the Nia Technique during an hour of mind-body movement education as part of a one day seminar in stress management at Moorpark College. Students played with the five stages of healing, and danced parts of the Clarity and Earthsong routines.