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OK - What's Next? The Skills for Success Program!
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With the proper learning tools your child can learn faster and easier. The Skills for Success Program can help your child develop the learning tools he needs.  These ten steps can put your child on the road to success.

1. Initial Evaluation - Cognitive skills assessment as well as collecting additional information about your child's learning struggles.

2. Set goals - Prioritize the goals that you, your child, and his teacher(s) have.

3. Indiviualized Program - Discuss results of initial evaluation and goals and plan an individualized program to best address needs.

4. Prioritize Training - Develop a schedule to implement the program.

5. Begin Training - Training for student (and also for parents to work with their child).

6. Lifestyle Factors - Information on lifestyle factors that can optimize a child's learning potential.

7. Teach Transfer - Help student transfer new skills and strategies to other settings.

8. Check In - Check in to see how things are going and make adjustments for best results.

9. Post Assessment - Reassess for progress.

10. Follow Up - Discuss progress, implementation, and follow-up.

Click here for information on the PACE/MTC Program.

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