Advantage Learning
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Learning problems are often reflected in the following behaviors.  The student may:

* not sit still.

* not stay on task for any length of time.

* be easily distracted.

* avoid work that seems complicated or hard.

* not understand and remember.

* struggle to sound out words.

* do written work very slowly.

* fail to complete tasks.

* struggle when copying material.

* constantly look up and down.

* need instructions repeated.

* struggle to read and spell.

* make reversals.

* be disorganized and frustrated when studying.

* make frequent, "careless" errors.

Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) is designed to help children and adults, age six and older, improve their weak underlying learning skills.  Significant gains will be seen in this twelve week program that trains the entire learning system to function properly. PACE develops: attention, auditory processing, comprehension, logic & reasoning, memory, planning, processing speed, and visul processing.

Master the Code (MTC) is designed to integrate with and build upon the PACE cognitive skills enhancement program.  It teaches reading and spelling concurrently, with students averaging over four years of reading skill improvement in 24 weeks.



$50 screening assessment and report, cost will be applied toward the purchase of a tutoring or PACE or PACE/MTC package
3/week - 36 lessons  $250 x 10 payments or prepaid at $2,300
5/week - 60 lessons  $340 x 10 payments or prepaid at $3,200

3/week - 72 lessons  $390 x 10 payments or prepaid at $3,600
5/week - 120 lessons  $520 x 10 payments or prepaid at $4,900

or call 542-4352 if you have questions or would like to set up a free "get acquainted" consultation.