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NH Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations
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NH homeschool evaluation requirements may be met by having a portfolio evaluation done by a certified teacher. This provides an opportunity for parents and children to look back over the school year and celebrate learning that has taken place, as well as think about plans for the next year. I enjoy meeting with families and talking with them about their schooling. After meeting with families and reviewing the portfolio I provide a comprehensive written report. I am happy to make suggestions/recommendations if desired.

Steps for portfolio evaluation:

1. Throughout the school year keep a portfolio of work samples in all subject areas and a list of books read. Projects, pictures, field trip list, writing samples, and other things which demonstrate learning are also beneficial.

2. Schedule an appointment. It is best to do this at least a few weeks before you hope to meet. Plan to set aside about 1 hour, although the time can vary.

3. I will spend about an hour with you and your child, discussing your child's schooling. If a child is comfortable doing so, I like to have him demonstrate something he has learned or done. I ask that you leave the portfolio materials for me to review while writing up the evaluation. You get them when you come to sign and pick up the evaluation. Please bring the following to your assessment meeting:

* Your child

* Some of the following (as applicable): projects, artwork, photos, journals, brochures from field trips, books used, parent notes on learning activities, etc.

* A book list of some or all of the books your child has read and/or listened to this year, writing and work samples from each subject collected throughout the homeschool year

* A book your child is currently reading or has read recently, which he would be comfortable reading aloud

* Information about any identified disability and the adaptations made to address it

4. Within two weeks of meeting with you, I will complete a written portfolio evaluation which you submit to your participating agency. This is a comprehensive summary of your child's course of study for the past school year and includes a statement about educational progress. You pick up portfolio materials when you come to sign and pick up the evaluation report.

Portfolio Evaluation Prices
By June 15
One Child
By June 15
Additional child(ren) in the same family
$35.00 each additional child
By June 15
Maximum for single family

After June 15

For appointments after June 15, there is an additional charge.

$10 additional per child

Extra copies

If copies of portfolio evaluations get missplaced, I can mail out additional signed copies. There is an additional charge.



For more information or to schedule an appointment


or call 542-4352.