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I never met Aunt Sarah, much to my regret. I was born in 1949 and Sarah Vasen died in 1944. My mother met her, in the 1930's when she and my grandmother came out to California for a vacation. They stayed with Aunt Sarah in her home in Glendale. My grandmother, (who was in one of the first nursing classes of Northwestern University), always liked her.

I also never met Florence Vasen, but have been in touch with her sons on the East Coast. Reva Clar's article in the Western Jewish Quarterly was a valuable source of information about Aunt Sarah, and I was able to flesh out some additional details about her early life, and the family history in my historical and genealogical quest..

Kaspare Cohn Hospital on Carroll Street today.

The last paragraph from the Reva Clar article is so eloquent.


"Thus passed from the scene Los Angeles’ first Jewish woman physician – one of the first professionals engaged by the Jewish community and paid from community funds. These many years later it is a privilege to place her in her rightful niche in Los Angeles history, as a pioneer woman in the medical profession of the city, a participant in the beginning years of one of the country’s great medical centers, a contributor to Jewish welfare in the East and in the West, a woman of independence far ahead of her times, a devoted wife, a kind, generous, and modest woman."

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