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Remember When.............Jackie's List

bulletTrips  on the Great White Steamer to Catalina and the St. Catherine
bulletThe sound of the street cars on 3rd Street - the clanging bells and
the challenge of not getting your car tires stuck in the tracks.
bulletThat great first date with your first love and dancing to the big band
at the Palladium.

Ringside at the Grove on Christmas Eve
Bottom left to right:  Jane and Manny Goldstein, Doris Schwartz, my
father (Ben Frank) Janet and David Schwartz, my mother (Bea) and Etta
Schwartz .  Jane (Goldstein) and Etta Schwartz, my mother's sisters.


bulletThe Luau on Rodeo, Dave's Blue Room, Ciro's, Mocambo and the Troc
bulletThe Victory Garden on the corner of Wilshire and June Street.

Frank & Felger:  Ben & Bea Frank and Sadie and Louis Felger in full
Henry VIII costume for a costume party my father put on at the Little
Club at the Hotel in 1934.  The costumes came from 20th Century Fox -
the ones worn by Charles Laughton et al in the film.  And dressers from
the studio came to our apartment to make them up and dress them.

bulletThe 1938 flood - Sixth Street and June was under 12 feet of water..
bulletSimons Drive In - on Wilshire at Sycamore. The place to be seen after a Saturday night date.
bulletService Stations that gave service: washed your windows, put air in the tires and dusted your fenders, all for 15 a gallon.
bulletThe Sultan and daddy, Will Rogers, Jean Harlow, Thelma Todd. . . .