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Jewish Institutions in Los Angeles: 1908 and 1920

American Jewish Yearbook 1908


Los Angeles (Est. Jewish population: 7000)




Beth Israel, 227 N. Olive. Organized April 16, 1892. Cantor, A. Arndt, 725 Sunset Blvd. Pres. J. Berman, 319 E. 1st; Treas. J. Miller, 16 N. Main; Sec. Victor Harris, 105 Old Hellman Block.  Members, 112; Income, $3000.  Services…in Hebrew. 

School: classes, 2; teachers, 2; pupils, 46; sessions weekly, 5.


B’nai Brith, 519 W. 9th. Organized about 1864. Rabbi, Sigmund Hecht, 817 Beacon. Pres. Kaspare Cohn, 2601 S. Grand Ave.; Treas. Herman W. Frank, 1705 Figueroa; Sec. Sam Wolfstein, 417 W. 28th. Members, 225; Income, $8000.  Services…in Hebrew and English. School: classes, 7; teachers, 7; pupils, 175; sessions weekly, 1.


Auxiliary Society: Temple Union (Literary Section, Sewing Circle, Bible Class, Ladies’ Aid Society).


Poaley Zedik, 29th and San Pedro. Organized 1905. Pres. A. Malter, 24th & Central Ave.; Treas. S. Greengart, 4027 Trinity; Sec. J. Perlin, 42nd & San Pedro. Members, 24; Income, $300.  Services…in Hebrew.


Sinai, B. B. Hall, 521 W. Pico.  Organized October 1906. Rabbi, Isadore Meyers, 242 S. Flower St.; Cantor, M. Katz, 248 N. Flower.  Pres. J.L. Jonas, 225 W. Pico; Treas. M. Marks, 1357 Constance; Sec. M. Pehr, 1193 Sunset Blvd.  Members, 100. Services…in Hebrew. School: classes, 4; teachers, 3; pupils, 40; sessions weekly, 3. Auxiliary Society: Jewish Sisterhood.


Talmud Torah, 126 Rose. Organized 1905. Pres. Sam Weisberger, 238 N. Main; Treas, I.L. Weiner, 134 Rose; Sec. I.L. Bandman, Vignes near 1st.  Members, 60. Services daily in Hebrew. School: classes, 2; teachers, 1; pupils, 40; sessions daily.




Hebrew Benevolent Society, 142 S. Broadway. Organized 1854. Pres. S. S. Federman, 825 Alvarado; Treas. M. N. Newmark, 119 N. Broadway; Sec. N. Zeisler, 947 S. Union Ave. Members, 330; Income, $2500.


Hebrew Consumptive Relief Association, 142 S. Broadway. Organized December 7, 1905. Pres. Isaac Norton, 201 Trust Bldg.; Treas. S. S. Federamn, 825 Alvarado; Sec. E. F. Gerecht, 347 E. 1st. Physician, Henry Herbert, Grosse Bldg.

Members, 125; Income, $1322.75. Patients, 11.


Auxiliary Society: Ladies’ Auxiliary: Pres. Mrs. Clara I. Citron, 1461 N. Temple; Sec. Miss L. Hardstein.


Jewish Sisterhood, B. B. Hall, 521 W. Pico. Organized June 5, 1906. Pres. Mrs. Clara I. Citron, 1460 W. Temple; Treas. Mrs. L. Dreyfus, 1738 W. 25th; Sec. Mrs. Max Cohn, 936 Georgia. Members, 85; Income, $350.


Jewish Women’s Foreign Relief Association, 9th and Hope. Pres. Bertha Hirsch Baruch, 1168 W. 38th; Treas. Clara I. Citron, 1461 W. Temple; Sec. Henrietta Hesselberger, 120 W. Ave 43. Members, 76; Income, $647.45.  Purpose: Transportation of persecuted Jews in foreign countries; furnishes educational advantages to immigrants.


Kaspare Cohn Hospital Association, 1443 Carroll Ave. Organized 1902. Pres. M. N. Newmark, 119 N. Broadway; Treas. B. Kingsbaker, 109 N. Los Angeles; Sec. A. Zeisler, Hellman Block. Supt., Sarah Vasen. Members, 190; Income, $1950.

[from 1908 City Directory:


B’nai B’rith Lodge No. 487, 327 S. Spring, Victor Harris, Sec.



Beth Israel, plot in Masonic Cemetery.


Home of Peace. Two cemeteries, one no longer used; the other under the management of Temple Bnai Brith. Committee: John Kahn, M. N. Newmark, Robert Green.



The Jewish population of Los Angeles grew rapidly in the first decades of the 20th century, and of necessity, so did religious and social services and institutions.



American Jewish Yearbook 1919


Los Angeles (Jewish population 18,000)




Agudath Achim Anshe Sfard, 1327 E. 21st . Org. 1909. Pres. Simon Spivak.


Beth Israel, 227 N. Olive. Org. 1892. Rabbi I. Werne. Pres. Louis Lidenbaum; Sec. H. Brandman. Members, 135; income, $5600. Services: Daily, Hebrew. School: Classes, 5; teachers, 5; pupils, 120; sessions daily, 6.


Affiliated societies: Ladies’ Auxiliary, Chevra Kadisha, Young Boys’ Mizrachi Club, Hebrew Educational Club, Chevra Mishnah Ugemora.


B’nai B’rith, 519 W. 9th.  Org. 1860.  Rabbi Sigmund Hecht; Associate Rabbi, Edgar F. Magnin; Pres. D.W. Edelman; Sec. W.T. Barnett.  Services: Twice weekly, English and Hebrew.  School: Classes, 10; teachers, 11; pupils, 200; sessions weekly, 3.  Auxiliary Society: Sisterhood. Pres. Mrs. K. Roth; Sec. Mrs. E.F. Magnin.


*Independent Sons of Israel. Org. 1907.


Poaley Zedek. Pres. J. Grot; Sec. M. Glockstein.

Sinai, 12th and Valencia. Rabbi M. Rosenthal; Canter ____ Silverman.


Talmud Torah, 247 N. Breed.  Org. 1915. Pres. A.B. Shapiro; Sec. R. Blumberg.  Members, 160; Income, $3000.  Services: Daily, Hebrew.  School: Classes, 4; teachers, 4; pupils, 100; sessions, weekly, 6.




Jewish Alliance. Pres. Mrs. F. Wolfstein, 244 Bunker Hill Ave.

Young Men’s Hebrew Association. Manager, Meyer Weiner.

Young Women’s Hebrew Association.  Sec. Bertha Brondy, 622 Plymouth.




Bikur Cholim, 131 S. Boyle. Org. 1918. Pres. C. Groman. Members, 1000; income, $3500. Benefitted annually, 400.

Chesid Shel Emeth (Free Burial Society), California Bldg. Pres. Chas. Grauman; Sec. L. Glassband. Members, 300; income, $5000.  Auxiliary Society: Ladies’ Auxiliary.


Chevra Gemilus Chasodim (Hebrew Free Loan Association), Bradbury Bldg. Org. 1906.  Pres. B. Frankel.  Members, 300; income, $900.


Federation of Jewish Charities of Los Angeles, 242 North Bunker Hill Ave. Org. 1912.  Pres. George Mosbacher; Supt. Dora Berres. Members, 1822; income, $67, 578.68.  Consituent Societies: Jewish Alliance, Jewish Aid Society, Kaspare Cohn Hospital, Jewish Orphans’ Home of Southern California, Temple Sewing Circle, Hebrew Consumptive Relief Association, Jewish Free Loan Association.


Hebrew Consumptive Relief Association, 243 No. Bunker Hill Ave. Sec. Dora Berres.


Hebrew Sheltering Association, 131 S. Boyle Ave. Org. 1913. Pres. R. Brown, Sec. Mathilda Goldberg, Supt. L. Pollock.  Member, 1300; income, $13,000.  Inmates, 30. Auxiliary Society: Ladies’ Auxiliary.


Jewish Aid Society, 244 N. Bunker Hill Ave.  Pres. Alex Meyer; Sec. Dora Berres.


Jewish Free Loan Association, 242 S. Bunker Hill Ave.  Sec. Caesar Samuels.


Jewish Orphans’ Home of Southern California, 632 Irvington Ave., Huntington Park. Org. 1907. Pres. John Kahn; Sec. Marco Newmark; Supt. S. Frey. Income, $18,299.42.


Jewish Sisterhood, Pres. Mrs. M. Mayer.


Kaspare Cohn Hospital, 8942 Stephenson Ave.  Inc. 1902. Pres. Ben R. Meyer; Sec.-Treas. Josephine Rosenberg; Supt. Pauline Sharpe. Patients, 371.


Los Angeles Sons of Israel, Haas Bldg.  Pres. M. Silberburg; Sec. J. Boyarsky.


Temple Sewing Circle, cor. 9th and Hope. Sec. Mrs. Prenglauer.




Los Angeles Hoachoozo (Palestine Land Development Association).  Pres. Chas. Isenstein.


Nathan Straus Palestine Advancement Society. Org. 1914. Pres. Louis M. Cole; Sec. Morris Kaufman.




Beth Israel Cemetery. Owned by Congregation Beth Israel. Part of Masonic Cemetery.


Home of Peace Cemetery. Owned by Congregation B’nai B’rith.




1920 Los Angeles City Directory


Synagogues (Congregations)


Agudas Achim Anshe Sefard, 1327 E. 21st, Elias Cashdan, Rabbi

Ahavas Tholom, 2150 Clifford

Anshei Sfard, 1028 Temple

Ansoe Tholom, 1226½ W. Washington, Jacob Bauman, Rabbi

Beth Israel (Conservative), 229 N. Olive, Isaac Werne, Rabbi

B’nai B’rith, W. 9th NE corner S. Hope, Edgar F. Magnin, Rabbi

Ezrah Uemunah, 1101 E. Adams, Hersh Genss, Rabbi

Shvard Church, 160 S. Flower, Louis Davidson, Rabbi

Sinai, W. 12th corner Valencia, Moses Rosenthal, Rabbi

Talmud Torah of Boyle Heights, N. Breed near Brooklyn


Societies, Secret and Fraternal


B’nai B’rith Lodge #487, 711 W. 17th, Louis M. Cole, Pres., Sidney Gerson, Rec. Sec., L.A. Rose, Fin. Sec.


Benevolent & Social Bodies and Clubs


Cohn-Goldwater Day Nursery, 1142 San Julian

Federation of Jewish Charities, 242 N. Bunker Hill, Josephine Rosenberg, Sec.

Hebrew Consumptive Relief Assn., 242 N. Bunker Hill Ave, S.T. Norton, Pres.

Hebrew Sheltering Assn. & Home for the Aged, 131 S. Boyle Ave., M. Brown, Pres.

Home for the Jewish Working Girls, 6101/2 Temple

Jewish Burial Society, 205 S. Broadway Rm. 726, Louis Glasband, Supt.

Jewish Consumptive Relief Assn. of California, 207 S. Broadway, Benjamin Forer, Pres., Jacob Tobinsky, Vice Pres., I.H. Hellman, Treas., Sam Raskin, Sec.

Jewish Orphan’s Home, 632 Irvington Ave., Huntington Park

Temple Sewing Circle, 9th and Hope

Young Men’s Hebrew Assn., 608 Temple

Council of Jewish Women, Mrs. F.H. Wolfstein, meets at B’nai B’rith Temple








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