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The Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles was founded in May 1979. Meetings are held the third Monday evening of each month or on Sunday afternoons. Guests are welcome. There are two meetings each year at the LDS Family History Center where members have exclusive use of the facility.

For meeting schedules, call JGSLA at (818) 771-5554 or visit our website <http://www.jgsla.org>.

Annual dues are $25 or $30 for two family members in the same household.

Membership includes a subscription to Roots-Key, the journal of the JGSLA, and Dates and Updates, the monthly meeting notice and newsletter.


Roots-Key is published four times per year. Genealogical research articles and family history stories may be submitted at anytime.

JGSLA members are encouraged to share their research. Submit inquiries to <nholden@interserv.com>.

Roots-Key back issues are available for $5.00. JGSLA, PO Box 55443, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

Special issues are $10.

Foreign Postage is $7 for overseas

$2.70 for Canada


Mission Statement

The goals of the society are to encourage genealogical research; to assist members in their research goals; to instruct and educate members and the general public through programs and classes; to promote access to Jewish genealogical records and resources; to foster careful research documentation and scholarly genealogical writing and to promote the preservation of Jewish genealogical records.



P.O. Box 50508

Pasadena, CA 91115-0508

Email: rootskey@jgsla.org

Roots-Key is published four times per year by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles.



The preferred format for materials submitted for publication is e-mail attachment (plain unjustified text or word document). Other forms may also be sent, including paper copy (typed is preferred).

Material accepted for publication becomes subject to whatever revisions are necessary to meet space requirements and quality standards. Original articles, not previously published, once accepted, may not be published elsewhere simultaneously. After publication in Roots-Key, they may be published elsewhere with proper attribution. Articles remain the property of the authors. Items from other sources should be submitted with full attribution (name of publication and issue date is a minimum), so that reprint authorizations can be obtained where necessary.



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