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Joseph L. Malamut

From: Southwest Jewry

Volume I

Sunland Publishing Co, Inc. Los Angeles, CA June, 1926


I fully agree with Thomas Carlisle, who says that: "The history of the world is the biographies of great men."

In order to understand Los Angeles of today one must go back and trace the lives and deeds of the departed. It is essential to know the men who settled here in the early fifties, whence they came, and what were their aspirations.

After a careful study of the characters of Jewish pioneers in the southland, in tracing back all their deed and achievements, I arrived at the conclusion that the history of the golden west contains a olden page written by the deeds of our people, the Jewish pioneers.

The biography of Harris Newmark is indeed the history of a great man, for his love for culture, art and benevolence will impress one generations to come. His "Sixty Years in California" is a tribute to the history of the world.

The idealism of Rabbi Abraham Wolf Edelman breathes inspiration and sets a beautiful example for all ages. He was steadfast i his faith, true to his teachings, sound in his belief, and he withstood a great temptation. I have reference top the reform movement that swept the entire continent, but left Rabbi Edelman unmoved. He led his Congregation B'nai B'rith, and remained orthodox to his very last day.

The simplicity of Kaspare Cohn, the democratic spirit of Herman W. Hellman,  and the refinement of Isaac Norton---these are the cornerstones upon which the solid foundation for our Jewish Community has been laid down.

These great men were the majestic pillars that supported our Jewish ideals, morals and traditions on the Pacific Coast. All as one they were sincere, honest and philanthropic in all their deeds.

They were a handful in number, but nevertheless, persistent in their will power. Even the gold rush and money madness of that period did not blind them to the fact that there are here not only to live by also to give, to provide for others.

The Hebrew Benevolent, this pure and simple Jewish organization of 1854, is the mother institution whose seeds still yield beautiful fruit. It is the ever-blossoming tree that has branched out over the Pacific Coast into an everlasting orchard. So much about our pioneers.

As for those who came here in later days, they also have earned a place in history...., for the who came  here in search of health and gained wealth on the top of it, they too have learned to love California not less than the native; they also have learned to live and to give, to build and to plant , sow and plow. They have built beautiful institutions, and have planted the seeds of our morals and traditions, history and culture as soon as they have settled down.

This city is as beautiful as God made it, and our tribute towards the progress of Los Angeles is a golden page inscribed by our deed.

"History of the world is the biography of great men!"


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