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Photographs submitted by Adar Belinkoff

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Max Alper, Phil Alper, Miriam Bakin, Ralph Bauman, "Blockie" Blockman, Ahuva (Libby) Chariton, Moshe Cohen, Shmuel Cohen, Joey Criden, Ora Denitz, D'vorah (Dottie) Ettlinger, Kieve (Kenny) Finkleman, Leo Krown, Yak (Jacob) Lamm, Ari Lashner, Dov Reisen, Sammy Silver, David Yaroslavsky, Mina Yaroslavsky z'l


Fig 1  Flag Raising at Habonim Camp, Green Valley, California, 1942

Left to right: Harold Karpman (left of flagpole), Norman Gratz (holding white helmet), Lil Bleviss (two people right of Norman), Frances Goldberg (right of Lil).

Fig 2 Morning exercise - Hitamlut Camp, Green Valley California 1942 

Left to right: Hitamlut photo - Left of exercise leader, I believe, is Fritz Glaser. Lillian Raphael is in the front row next to Ziggie Bleviss. Ziggy Bleviss (far right in striped shirt).

Fig 3 Strawberry Fields

Colton Hachshara (Training Camp)

California 1949

Fig 4 Habonim Campers at Work, Green Valley, California ca 1940

Left to Right:  Max Alper (kneeling), Ziggy Bleviss (with pick), Harold Karpman (right of Ziggy), Jimmy Carp (Next right).

Fig 5 Discussion Session at the ca 1939

Left to Right: The discussion photo was taken at the Folk Shule on Soto Street. To my recollection our Habonim group never met at the Menorah Center. The seated girl seen in profile is Sara Glaser. Bernie Rappaport, in profile, sits between Sara and Jim Carp. Next to Jim are Zig Bleviss, Bonnie Holburt, Ruth Levin, me and Zelda Zeldin, and the correct spelling of my first name is Leanor. Len Robinson (standing right of door), Jim Carp and Max Alper (seated facing camera), Leonore Present (last chair on right).

Editor's note: The abbreviation z'l stands for zichrono l'vracha for a man, zichrona l'vracha for a woman, and zichronam l'vracha for plural.  It means "May his (her, their) memory be a blessing". 

Adar Belinkoff was born 1928 in Akron Ohio. He lived in Los Angeles 1939-1949. A graduate of Dorsey High and UCLA (BS in Engineering), MBA University of Chicago. A member of Habonim in Los Angeles 1941-1949 and founding member of Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, Western Galilee, Israel. He lived in Gesher Haziv 1949-1953. Then he lived in Maywood and Oak Park, Ill. 1953-1963. He has resided in Claremont, CA since 1963. In 1990, he retired as CFO of a manufacturing company. Adar Belinkoff is married to the former Elana Goldfarb since 1949. and they have three married daughters (two born in Israel) and seven grandchildren, aged 7-22. He is a member of Temple Beth Israel, Pomona, the Whittier Reconstructionist Havurah, American Habonim Association, JGSLA.



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