Hershey Eisenberg's Boyle Heights Photos by Jeffrey Bock

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 Hershey's Walking Tour

Photographs by Jeff

Photograph by Jeff Bock

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Breed Street

The largest, most ornate synagogue in Boyle Heights is now fenced off-

 a near-ruin with the roof partially missing.

The Breed street shul was one block south of Brookyln Avenue about ten blocks west of Soto St.

Boyle Heights was originally pasture and vineyards, purchased by Andrew Boyle for 25 cents an acre.  

All are gone now

Cincinnati Street Shul   Fairmount Street Shul

The Pioneer Lot Association created a subdivision of small lots, which they sold on time.

Houston Street Shul

Where everyone went  for picnics on Sundays.



"Meet me at Brooklyn and Soto"

Hollenbeck Park

Built on land purchased from the Andrew Boyle estate

Jeffrey Bock wandering through L.A. sees more than just "today". He sees L.A. as it used to be in the remnants of the old buildings and historic landmarks.
The ladies made "Concletin" – a big hamburger on a Kaiser roll, which sold for ten cents.

 City of Hope picnics at the park.

Jewish Home for the Aged

Menorah Center

Jeffrey Bock is a Telecommunications Analyst for a Major Telecommunications Company,
Who has a love of photography....

4018 City Terrace

City Terrace is adjacent to Boyle Heights. City Terrace Drive is a wide street. The City Terrace Folk Shule building at 4018 City Terrace has not really changed much from the outside. The Folk Shule was founded in 1936.

Jeffrey Bock Photos

Folk Shule interior: Photograph courtesy of Adar Belinkoff

Wabash Street Shul

Served as one of the locations for the Jewish People's Fraternal Order.


A Tour with Hershey Eisenberg

At the corner of Brooklyn and Soto Streets, the main intersection, Curry’s Mile High ice cream store once stood, and on another corner, was a pharmacy.  

Santa Fe Hospital

610 Cummings near
Hollenbeck Park


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