Gracie Anderson.
Estle Gilstrap.

The Gilstrap and Anderson Family with Allied Lines

My name is Nancy Gilstrap Mann and I have been enjoying genealogy since 1993. My intended goal is to research each of my family's allied lines back to an immigrant ancestor. In addition to finding new names and dates, I enjoy discovering facts about the life and times of each of my ancestors, learning about their place in the history of the United States. To achieve this, I research in deeds, probate records, and newspapers as much as possible and am really enjoying watching the Internet expand its original record content.

I worked for a number of years on my maternal lines and was finally able to privately publish a "book" containing those lines, sharing that information with my family in 2008. I have 'retired' from researching those lines, but would love to talk with anyone who may have questions, additions or corrections to the information here.

I am always working on my maiden name GILSTRAP. My Gilstrap lines are concentrated in the South and my research has centered in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. There are other researchers who have worked almost exclusively in the Midwest. Between us, I am sure we can help you find your Gilstrap roots. Be sure to check out my collection of Gilstrap research at The Gilstrap Research Center.

Many of the Gilstrap pages here are only outlines of my accumulated information, but I will begin fleshing out the pages as times permits. Again, if you have questions, additions or corrections to these lines, please drop me a line.

I am always interested in hearing from anyone who connects (or thinks they connect :-) to my family lines. Happy hunting!


The main families each have a chapter in the book I put together. Those chapters are available in the frame at the left. The remaining families need more research. My notes are available here:


Families related to my GILSTRAP family of Toombs/Jasper/Burke counties in Georgia: