AYDELOTT Family Genealogy

The Aydelott family is rooted in the Huguenot movement, members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France. During times of persecution, many Huguenots left France for the relative safety of London. Our Aydelott family made this journey before 1632, and arrived in colonial America only about 50 years later.

1. Jean AYDELOTT, b. France

Jean Aydelott lived in Mauvoisin, France in 1610 when his son David was born. No information about Jean's spouse is known, nor do we know if Jean ever left France.

2. David AYDELOTT (1610-16??)

David Aydelott was born about 1610 in Mauvoisin, France. He married Marie SOCHON, daughter of Pierre SOCHON on 5 JAN 1632 at the French Church on Threadneedle Street in London. According to the Threadneedle Street church records, David Aydelott arrived in Westminster, London from the Province of Guyenne, France before 28 JUN 1655. I do not have a copy of this record, but it is cited as being published in the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society, Vol 18, pg 69. I am trying to get a copy of this page for my records.

No death information is known for either David or Marie Aydelott.

They had eight children whose names are recorded here as they were in the records of the birth/baptism/marriage at Threadneedle:

  1. Salomon AYDELOT - bapt. 28 OCT 1632
  2. Isaac AYDELOT - bapt. 22 DEC 1633; m. Martha BONNEFOUS 30 OCT 1688 at the French Chapel in London
  3. Madelayne AYDELOT - bapt. 18 DEC 1644
  4. Marie AYDELET - bapt. 11 DEC 1636
  5. Catherine AIDELOT - bapt. 17 JUL 1638
  6. Benjamin AYDELOTT - see the next section
  7. David AYDELOT - bapt 10 JAN 1641
  8. Sara AYDELOT - bapt. 11 JUL 1647

3. Benjamin AYDELOTT, (1644 - 1704)

Benjamin Aydelott, son of David and Marie, was born in London, but at this time his baptism record has not been found. His birth has been recorded as 1630, but I have estimated later based on the one known marriage record we have.

Beniamin Aidelo married Marie PINGAR, the daughter of Jacques PINEGAR/PINGAR and Magdelaine Despiné, on 6 DEC 1663 at Threadneedle.

Benjamin was in Northampton County, VA by 1670 when he was on a jury. He apparently traveled back and forth to London during this period as some of his children were baptized in the Threadneedle Church, and his court records in America jump between Accomack and Northampton counties in Virginia. By 1687 the family had settled near Snow Hill, Somerset County, Maryland and became associated with the Episcopal Church there. Benjamin was a cordwainer (also shown as "cord winder") or shoemaker by trade.

Benjamin Aydolett wrote his will on 16 JUN 1703 in Somerset County, MD and it was taken to probate on 30 JUN 1704. Marie Aydelott survived her husband, but no certain death date is known.

They were the parents of seven known children:

  1. John Aydelott - m. Winifred; he died before 5 JUN 1759 in Worcester County, MD.
  2. Benjamin Aydelott, Jr. - see the next section.
  3. Sarah Aydelott - bc 1676; m. 1709 to George BLIZARD/BLIZZARD
  4. Reuben Aydelott - bapt. 15 AUG 1677 at Threadneedle, d. before 1687
  5. Elizabeth Aydelott - b 1678, m. Nehemiah HOLLAND
  6. Mary Aydelott - b. 1680, m. John BLIZARD/BLIZZARD and Rochard LOCKWOOD
  7. William Aydelott - m. Eleanor, he died 1752.

4. Benjamin Aydelott, Jr. (1670 - 1737/38)

Benjamin Aydelott/Audelot/Idolet appears in records under main phonetic spellings of his surname. He was a planter and shoemaker like his father before him. His birth date is an estimate, to make him 17 years old when he first appears in a Somerset County, MD Rent Roll record in 1687.In any event, benjamin is clearly an adult when his father's will was written.

It is unclear whether Benjamin married as a young man and then married again as an older adult, or if he was only ever married to Sarah FOOKS, the daughter of Thomas FOOKES and Sarah DORRINGTON. Their marriage is noted in her father's will of 25 OCT 1720 and no other records of it have been found.

Benjamin and Sarah AYDELOTT died within days of one another, both having written wills in Somerset County, MD.

They had eight children:

  1. Ann FOOKS/AYDELOTT - m. William PEPPER. It is not clear why Ann appears only in her mother's will.
  2. Rachel Aydelott - see the next section.
  3. Elizabeth Aydelott - m. William WHARTON and m. Nathaniel VEAZEY/BEAZEY
  4. James Aydelott - it is not known who he married, but he did have 3 children.
  5. Jane Aydelott - m. William GROOM and m. William SALMON
  6. Thomas Aydelott - it is not know who he married, but he had two children.
  7. Naomiah Aydelott - m. John MUMFORD
  8. Esther Aydelott - m. James DAVIDSON

5. Rachel Aydelott

Rachel Aydelott married to Peter GILSTRAP about 1731 in Somerset County, MD. For a time he appeared in the tax rolls with Benjamin Aydelott. After the deaths of her mother and father, Peter and Rachel GILSTRAP sold their land in Worcester County, MD and migrated south with their young children. See the GILSTRAP Family Pages for details.

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