The Triplett family originated in Devonshire, England, near the junction of Plymouth and the Tamar River which divides Devonshire from Cornwall. The family moved form Devonshire to London and Oxford.

I have seen some people link Francis Triplett back into the English families, but as far as I know, this link is still just a guess. There are many publications of the Triplett family lineages. The oldest publication relating to our branch is found in the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Volume XXI, No. I, July 1912 - an article submitted by the Rev. Arnold Harris HORD. This article is the beginning of my research.

1. Francis Triplett, (c1635 - c1700)

Francis Triplett was born about 1635 in London. He married first a woman name Alais (Alice). She may have immigrated to the colonies with him prior to her death.

By 1660, Francis Triplett lived in Old Rappahannock County, VA. There he married to Abigail HUGHES about 1664. She was the daughter of John HUSE, and was first married to Samuel NICHOLS and had a son John NICHOLS.

in 1666 Francis Triplett worked with Peter JETT to transport 27 people to the Virginia colony. Francis had paid the majority of the expense and was granted 1050 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock River.

In 1669 Francis and Abigail Triplett sold a tract of land for 3,500 lbs. of tobacco.

On 20 NOV 1700 Francis Triplett wrote his will in Richmond County, VA. It began probate on 4 MAR 1700/01.

The children of Francis Triplett and Abigail Hughes were:

2. William Triplett, Sr., (c1670 - 1738)

William Triplett was born about 1670 in Richmond County, VA. Later, he was a resident of King George County after it was created from Richmond County.

In 1694 William Triplett married Isabella MILLER, the daughter of Captain Symon and Anne Miller.

On 3 NOV 1738 the will of William Triplett was proved in court. The book containing the actual will has been lost.

Isabella Miller Triplett wrote her will on 17 APR 1758. It was proved in King George County on 6 AR 1760.

The children of William and Isabella Triplett were:

3. Daniel Triplett, (c1709 - 1752)

Daniel Triplett was born about 1709. He was mentioned in the 1724 will of his aunt Susannah Miller BRICE.

Around 1730, Daniel Triplett married to Sarah or Ann, surname thought to be TAYLOR.

Daniel Triplett died in 1752 in Caroline County, VA.

The children of Daniel Triplett were:

4. Sarah Triplett, (c1730 - > 1774)

Sarah Triplet was born after 1730 in Caroline County, VA. Around 1745 she married to Thomas THORP IV, the son of Thomas THARPE of Essex County, VA.

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