I have found a long lineage for the Tharp/Thorp family in England, but am unsure of its validity. Before using these English roots, do some investigating.

  1. John Tharpe
  2. John Tharpe
  3. Richard Tharpe
  4. Thomas Tharpe
  5. Thomas Tharpe
  6. Nicholas Tharpe
  7. George Tharpe (1582 - 1622) married Margaret HARRIS.
  8. William Tharpe (1608 - ????) married Ursula SMYTH.

9. Thomas Tharpe, (1636 - c 1666)

Thomas Tharpe was born in 1636 in England. He married Alice, surname unknown. It is not known when they came to America, but Thomas Tharp died about 1666 in Old Rappahannock County, VA where he had been a planter.

The children of Thomas and Alice Tharpe were:

10. Thomas Tharpe, II, (1665 - 1704)

Thomas Tharpe II was born about 1665 in Old Rappahannock County, VA. He first appears in court records in a 1687 deed for the purchase of 30 acres of land.

Around 1689 Thomas married Florinda GOODE, the daughter of Richard GOODE and Sarah PARKER. I have seen some references to Florinda as "Florinda BIZWELL", but this is an error.

In 1690 Thomas Tharpe served as Constable for the county. In 1701 Thomas made an inventory for the handling of an estate. He made his mark, 'T', indicating that he could not write his name.

On 16 MAY 1704, Thomas Tharpe wrote his will, naming his children, his wife, and his loving "father" Richard Goode. The will was probated on 10 JUN 1704.

After the death of her husband, Florinda Goode Tharpe married to Thomas AYERS about 1705/06. She died sometime before 1717.

The children of Thomas Tharpe II and Florinda GOODE were:

11. Thomas Tharpe, III, (1695 - 1762)

Thomas Tharpe III was born about 1695 in Essex County, VA. Some people say that Thomas Tharpe was married many times, but none of the women's names are known.

Thomas Tharpe begins appearing in court records in 1724 when he was appointed guardian to Thomas AYERS. He is next mentioned at owning land adjacent to that which his brother William Tharpe was purchasing from a Jeremiah BIZWELL in 1727.

I have not found a will for Thomas Tharpe. His estate was probated on 18 OCT 1762 in Essex County, VA. The inventory of his estate included 17 slaves and was valued at 1331.5.7.

On 29 AUG 1770 in Essex County, VA a land record indicates that Mrs. BIZWELL was once the wife of Thomas Tharpe. This woman was Frances BLOTT, the daughter of Thomas BLOTT. She married Thomas Tharpe about 1742 and survived him when he died. She probably was not the mother to all of Thomas's children. It is unknown when she died.

The children of Thomas Tharpe III were:

12. Thomas Tharpe, IV, (c1716 - 1768)

Thomas Tharpe IV was born about 1716 in Essex County, VA. He married to Sarah TRIPLETT, the daughter of Daniel TRIPLETT, around 1745.

The first deed I have for Thomas Tharpe IV is from 1757 when he bought land from his father.

Thomas Tharpe IV wrote his will on 1 APR 1767 in Essex County. He wrote a codicil to that will on 16 FEB 1768, and both were brought to probate on 15 AUG 1768.

Sarah Tharp, widow was the owner of lands in Essex County, VA in 1770. Thomas Tharpe's estate went through final settlement, usually indicating the death of the surviving spouse, in JAN 1774.

The children of Thomas and Sarah Tharpe were:

13. Elizabeth "Betty" Tharp, (1740 - ????)

Elizabeth "Betty" Tharp was born around 1740, and was married to Robert E. Elliston, Sr. by about 1755. The Elliston family left Virginia for Kentucky in the late 1780s.

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