Simon MILLER Family Genealogy

I have seen quite a few websites dedicated to this family. Most present a timeline that is not documented and does not make sense to me (namely, how can Simon Miller b. 1631 be the father of Symon Miller b. 1642?)

1. Captain Symon Miller, (1642 - 1684)

Symon Miller was born in 1642, possibly in Bristol, England.

Symon Miller immigrated to the Virginia colony before 1665. He witnessed the land deed of John PROSSER in Old Rappahannock County, VA on 10 MAR 1664/65. This is the oldest record known for our Symon Miller.

In 1669 John PROSSER sold 1,000 acres of land in the Freshes of Rappahannock to Symon Miller for 11,700 lbs. of tobacco, a common means of barter or trade at the time. At the time of this purchase, Symon Miller was a known shipwright (ship builder) in the Lower Norfolk County area.

In 1673 Symon Miller sold 605 acres along the "Penmansind" which had been granted him by the King, for 40 sterling and a man servant. That same year Symon patented 817 acres of land in Old Rappahannock County for transporting 17 people into the colonies.

Around 1676 the inhabitants of Old Rappahannock were feeling slighted by their government. Indians were attacking and the colonists felt they were owed better protection than they were getting. Nathaniel Bacon led an uprising against the Crown. During Bacons' Rebellion, our Symon Miller served as a Captain in his troops. The "Grievances of the Inhabitants of Cittenborne Parish, Rappahannock County" written 8 MAR 1676/77 state:

Thus our enemies reigned till at last that Fire Brand (Nathaniel Bacon)... sent to our assistance one Capt. Simon Miller, a liver amongst us and since his time we have no men killed nor great damage in our stocks, though since this War begun we have lost above 600 sterling. No since by an evil hand we his Majesty's always liege people have in a manner had our lives defended by the said Miller. In gratitude we desire he may be looked upon with an eye of favor.

It is thought that Symon Miller was married at least twice. Some have speculated that a woman Anne was first, and then secondly in about 1678 to Margaret, the widow of John PROSSER who died in 1677. Many have stated that Margaret PROSSER was actually Margaret GAINES, the daughter of Daniel GAINES and Margaret BERNARD. This appears unlikely as the 1682 will of Daniel GAINES states that he has no grandchildren and Margaret Prosser Miller had at least 4 Prosser sons by that time.

On 16 FEB 1679 Symon Miller wrote his will. He begins by mentioning that he is about 37 years old, hence his birth year of 1642. In the will he remembers his sons Symon, William, and John, daughters Susanna, Isabella, and Margaret. He names his wife Margaret. He mentions Anthony PROSSER, the son of his wife. He also names the "sons of Mr. PROSSER", and states that all his children are under 14 years of age.

The children of Symon Miller were:

2A. Simon Miller, (c1670 - before 1720)

Simon Miller was born about 1670 in Virginia. He married to Elizabeth, surname unknown.

On 1 DEC 1719 Simon Miller wrote his will in Hanover Parish, Richmond County, VA. It began probate on 4 MAY 1720 in Richmond County, VA.

The children of Simon and Elizabeth Miller were:

3. Eleanor Miller, (c1705 - >1769)

Eleanor Miller, daughter of Simon and Elizabeth Miller, was born about 1705 in Virginia. She married Robert Elliston there in 1722. It is clear that Eleanor Miller was married to Robert Elliston from court papers regarding the handling of Simon's estate. It is not clear if Robert and Eleanor (Miller) Elliston were the parents of our Robert E. Elliston, Sr.

2B. Isabella Miller, (1679 - 1760)

Isabella Miller was born 16 FEB 1679 in Old Rappahannock County, VA. She was the daughter of Captain Symon Miller and either his wife Anne, or his wife Margaret.

In 1694 Isabella Miller married William TRIPLETT, Sr. in Richmond County, VA. They raised a family of 10 children in the area. See the Triplett Family page for more details.

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