If you are interested in further information about the Parrott family, I highly recommend finding a copy of "Links That Bind, Volume II. Parrott Family History" by Evalyn Parrott Scott @1967. I found a copy at the Denver Public Library. The book traces Parrott families from early colonial times in Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Texas and more. It was well researched and very helpful.

1. Francis Parrott, Jr., (c 1670 - 1715)

Francis Parrott, Jr. lived in Chowan Precinct in Albemarle County, NC by the 1690s. He first began appearing in court documents as a witness of wills.

Around 1695 Francis Parrott married Frances Johnson, the daughter of William and Susannah Johnson.

From 1703 to 1711, Francis Parrott was Justice of the Peace in Chowan Precinct. He helped with the filing of the Rent Rolls of 1713. Despite of all this familiarity with court proceedings, Francis Parrott died in early 1715 without making a will. Perhaps he died unexpectedly. In any event, we know Francis was recently deceased from the deed of gift of Susannah Johnson to her recently orphaned grandchildren, the "son and daughters of Francis Parrott, lately deceased."

By 1717, the widow Frances Johnson Parrott had married to Martin Frederick Rasor. At that time, he had at least one son, Edward Frederick Rasor. In AUG 1717 Martin Rasor was petitioning to patent 185 acres that was originally granted to Francis Parrott. Martin and Frances Rasor had one daughter: Christina.

Martin and Frances Rasor remained in the same area, but the name of the area changed around them. In 1722 Bertie Precinct was created from Chowan Precinct of Albemarle County. Then in 1739 all precincts became counties, Albemarle County ceased to exist, and the Rasors now lived in Bertie County.

I have no further records for Martin Rasor. He died before 20 APR 1747 when Francis Johnson Parrott Rasor wrote her will and called herself a widow. Frances's will was probated 18 DEC 1748 in Bertie County, NC. She mentions her daughter Elizabeth Hardy, granddaughter Frances Hardy, son Edward Rasor, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Rasor, daughter Christina Bell, son-in-law Lamb Hardy.

The children of Francis Parrott and Frances Johnson were:

2. Jacob Parrott, (1696 - 1738)

Jacob Parrott was born 5 MAY 1696 in Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County, NC. He married Martha, whom family stories name as Martha FEWOX, around 1719.

Martha has been said to have been the daughter of James and Ann FEWOX, but James' will of 1710 does not name her as daughter, nor do several records where James claims his family by name as headrights. Martha has also been said to have been the widow of Robert FEWOX, James FEWOX's son. The problem here is that Robert FEWOX (who did marry a woman named Martha) is mentioned in records up through 1722. He didn't have a widow Martha in 1719.

In JAN 1732/33 Jacob Parrott inherited 300 acres of land from Thomas POLLOCK. Jacob and his mother Frances Rasor were witnessing to POLLOCK's will. Jacob's father Francis Parrott had often witnessed land transactions of Thomas POLLOCK. It is unclear how Thomas POLLOCK was connected to the Parrotts.

Jacob Parrott did not live long after his second child was born. He wrote his will on 1 NOV 1738 and it was taken to court for probate only 17 days later. Jacob Parrott was 42 years old when he died.

The widow Martha Parrott appears to have died in 1749 in Bertie County, NC.

The children of Jacob and Martha Parrott were:

3. John Parrott, Revolutionary War, (1730 - 1791)

John Parrott was born in 1730 in Bertie Precinct, Albemarle County, NC. John was only 8 when his father died, and 19 when his mother died.

Military records show that John Parrott served in the NC militia in 1754. He also served in Captain Kennedy's Company of the NC militia during the American Revolution. The NSDAR has accepted his service records for membership.

John Parrott married Elizabeth Oxley, daughter of John and Olive OXLEY, around 1765. John Parrott lived in Dobbs County, NC at this time.

At the first census of the United States in 1790, John Parrott lived in the Newbern District of Dobbs County, NC. In addition to his family, John Parrott owned 3 slaves.

John Parrott wrote his will on 2 FEB 1791 and it was proven in court in April that year. John Parrott remembers his wife, son Jacob, son John, daughter Selah, daughter Elizabeth, and names children Joshua, Simon, Amy, and son Benjamin.

Elizabeth Oxley Parrott was listed in Lenoir County, NC in the 1800 census. She appears to be living in her son Simon's household in the 1810 census. I cannot find her after that date. I have no probate paperwork for her.

The 8 children of John and Elizabeth Parrott were:

4. Jacob Parrott, Revolutionary War, (1766 - c 1820)

Jacob Parrott was born in 1766, probably in Dobbs County, NC.

During the American Revolution Jacob Parrott fought with the NC militia. He was issued certificate #177 in Newbern District to compensate him for his service. The state of North Carolina was suffering financially, so rather than make payroll, they issue certificates that could be redeemed for payment of taxes. There is no indication of what duty Jacob performed.

Jacob Parrott married to Penelope, whose surname is believed to be HOUSE. Penelope is often said to have been the daughter of Baylus HOUSE and Penelope BOND who married in 1784. Baylus left a will in 1806 in Sumner County, TN and does not name a daughter Penelope PARROTT. Also, our Penelope was married and having children in the 1790s and this Baylus was recently married and having his own children. It would seem more likely that Penelope (House) PARROTT was related to the Simon HOUSE who married Selah PARROTT.

In 1790, the Parrott family lived in the Newbern District of Dobbs County, NC. In 1791, the county split and the Parrotts lived in newly created Lenoir County.

In 1802 Jacob Parrott and his siblings John, Benjamin, and Selah House signed over a tract of land once owned by their grandfather Jacob Parrott to their brother Simon Parrott.

Around 1815, the Parrotts left NC and headed to Darlington District, South Carolina. Two of Jacob's brothers later followed him to SC.

Jacob Parrott died before 4 JAN 1821. He had written his will on 26 OCT 1819. In it, he left bequests to: daughters Elizabeth McNEESE, Seaney SKINNER, Charlotte KELLEY, Louisa, wife Penelope, son Jacob, and son Joseph.

There are no further records that mention Penelope House Parrott by name, but she was probably the 60-70 year old woman in the home of her son-in-law John KILLEN in the 1830 census.

Jacob and Penelope Parrott had 6 children:

5. Louisa Parrott, (180? - c 1833)

Louisa Parrott was born between 1804 and 1810 in Lenoir County, NC. She was the youngest child of Jacob and Penelope Parrott.

Louisa Parrott married to John Killen on 28 FEB 1822 in Darlington County, SC. See the Killen family page for more information about their family.

Be sure to see Belinda Hughes' web site about Francis PARROTT as well. This site contains a lot of information, but it is unclear that Francis Parrott of Chowan Co., NC is related to Francis Parrott d. 1671 in Maryland.

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