1. John Oxley, (???? - 1767)

John Oxley and his wife Olive lived in Dobbs County, NC on a plantation called Oxley's Grove. It was located between Windsor and Edenhouse, NC.

John Oxley may have been the son of George Oxley, but I haven't found conclusive proof of that link. On the 1757 Bertie County tax list is a John Oxley, son of George. There aren't a lot of Oxleys around, and our John did name a son George. This lead needs to be investigated further.

Another Oxley record I have is that of a John Oxley, cordwinder, purchasing land in 1717. A cordwinder is a shoe maker. This could be the same John Oxley, or another generation of the family.

Our John Oxley did patent 300 acres of land in Bertie County on "Cuckoldmakers Swamp" in 1742. The Jacob PARROTT family also had land on "Cocklemaker's Swamp".

John Oxley wrote his will on 24 FEB 1767 in Bertie County. It was proved in court in March of that year. John Oxley made bequests to his son George, son John, wife Olive, son-in-law Isaiah JOHNSON and his wife Mary, daughter Olive, son-in-law John PARROT [sic] and Elizabeth his wife, son-in-law John RAY and Rachel his wife, daughter Martha, son-in-law William FLEETWOOD, son-in-law James BAKER, granddaughter Susanna FLEETWOOD, and friend Joseph PARKER.

John and Olive Oxley had 9 children:

2. Elizabeth Oxley, (before 1755 - after 1811)

Elizabeth Oxley was born before 1755. This date is based upon her response to the 1800 census taker in Lenoir County, NC. The DAR shows her birth as 27 FEB 1761, but I cannot find a source for this date.

Elizabeth Oxley married to John Parrott in 1765. See the PARROTT family chapter for more information about their family.

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