MAFFITT - MOFFITT Family Genealogy

1. James Moffit, (1672 - 1755)

James Moffit is thought to have been born in 1672.

He first appears in Maryland court papers in Cecil County in 1735 when the estate of John BOYER made payments to him. In 1748, James Maffet paid the estate of John COPSON in Cecil County.

James Moffit was married to a woman Mary, and had one known son William. James Moffit died in Cecil County, MD in 1755.

2. William Moffit, (c 1699 - 1763)

William Moffit was born about 1699 in Cecil County, MD. He married Mary SCOTT on 1 MAY 1735.

The family are thought to have been Scots-Irish Presbyterian.

In 1754, William Moffit served as the executor of the will of Jane THOMPSON.

On 22 SEP 1763, William Moffit wrote his own will. In it he mentions his wife Mary and each of his five children. William Moffit died before 2 DEC 1763 in Cecil County, MD. On 12 JUN 1764 his estate was valued at 281.12.2 and in another record at 510.3.7.

Mary Scott Moffit died in Cecil County on 29 SEP 1786.

The children of William and Mary Moffit were:

3. Mary MAFFITT, (1737 - 1816)

Mary MAFFITT was born 19 JUL 1737. She married to Samuel MILLER on 10 JAN 1760 in Cecil County, MD. Their family information is recorded on the Thomas Miller family page.

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