William Johnson, (???? - before 1712)

Little is known about William Johnson at this time. He married to Susannah, whose name is said to have been Monteigne (see next section). William Johnson received a land grant for 160 acres in Pasquotank Precinct of Albemarle County, NC in 1684. I also have a record for William Johnson witnessing the will of Margaret Parrott in 1687 in Middlesex County, VA.

The children of William and Susannah Johnson were:

Susannah ?Monteigne?, (???? - c1718)

Susannah, wife of William Johnson, is said to have been born a Monteigne or Monteigue. This is primarily based on the transportation record of William Hancock where he states that he transported a group of people who included: William Johnson, Susannah Johnson, William Johnson, Jr., Frances Johnson, Isreal Johnson, Roger Monteigne, and Susannah Monteigne.

One record that needs further investigation though is the November 17, 1722 Bertie County, NC deed of Peter Osborn to Martin and Frances (Johnson Parrott) Rasor, specifically gifting land to their daugther Christina Rasor. The deed states that if Christina died without heirs, the land would go to the older daughters of Frances Rasor, namely Susannah and Elizabeth Parrott. Who is Peter Osborn? Why would he specifically gift land to the children of Frances Johnson? Could he be related to Susannah Johnson? Could she have been born an Osborn?

Susannah was quite the busienss woman, especially considering the times in which she lived. Susannah Johnson patented 740 acres of land on Salmon Creek in Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County, NC on 19 APR 1712.

On 21 APR 1715, Susannah recorded a deed of gift to her three Parrott grandchildren, the "son and daughters of Francis Parrott, lately deceased". The gift was of cattle and a mare to be divided when the children came of age.

Susannah Johnson wrote her will in Chowan Precinct on 13 AUG 1717. It was brought to probate on 29 JUL 1718. The will mentions her son William Johnson, grandson Jacob Parrott, granddaughter Susannah Parrott, granddaughter Elizabeth Parrott, her beloved friend Mr. John Hardy, godson Edward Fredrick Rasor, and daughter Frances Rasor.

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