My family connection to this HOUSE lineage is more than tentative. I believe it to be purely speculative, and in my small efforts, I have not turned up any evidence of a real connection. However, since some people have linked my PARROTT family to this tree, I felt I should include what I have found here.

I believe that this HOUSE lineage is correct, it is just the PARROTT family marriage that is questionable.

1. Thomas House, (???? - 1733)

Thomas House died before 4 JUL 1733 in Albemarle County, NC. His children were: George, Bayliss, Ann, and Edith House.

2. George House, Sr., (???? - 1771)

George House, Sr. died about JAN 1771 in Bertie County, NC. His children were: George Jr., Thomas, John (m. Martha BOND), James, Ann (m. Mr. AVARET), daughter (m. Peter SMITH), and Elizabeth (m. James MOORE).

3. George House, Jr., (???? - 1763)

George House, Jr. married a woman named Mary, surname unknown. They had a daughter Edith who married Thomas BOND, Jr. They also had a son Baylus House, born about 1760. George House, Jr. died in FEB 1763 in Bertie County, NC.

4. Baylus House, (???? - 1806)

The only doubt I have about this House lineage is the birth year for Baylus House. I have a record of a Balis House signing an Oath of Allegiance in Bertie Co., NC in 1774. If born in 1760, he would have been only 14 and would not have been signing a legal document.

On 5 APR 1784, Baylus House married to Penelope BOND in Bertie County. She was the daughter of Thomas BOND, Sr.

The children of Baylus House and Penelope Bond were:

Baylus House moved from NC to Sumner County, TN with some of his sons around 1800. He died there in 1806, having written a will naming his six sons, but no daughter Penelope.

5. Penelope House

According to census reports, the Penelope who married Jacob Parrott was born between 1765 and 1775.

The DAR, on application #688939 (descent from Jacob Parrott), shows the wife of Jacob Parrott as Penelope House. I can't find anything to substantiate this one way or the other. I think that when Penelope's surname was first taken to be House, that it was found that Baylus House married a woman named Penelope Bond. It would make a really neat fit if it works out, but it is only speculation, with some information working against it.

Last Revised: 14 SEP 2010