Because there is so much detailed information about the Hargrave family available online already, I am keeping this page fairly simple.

Much research has been done on the earliest links to the Hargrave families of America. I have not personally spent time researching the English records, but have seen this part of the lineage published many times. I will only outline the basics here:

5. Richard Hargrave, Sr. (c1616 - 1686/87)

This Richard Hargrave is designated as "Senior" because he was the first emigrant to the colonies. He was christened in All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England on 21 JUL 1616.

Richard Hargrave set sail from England to America aboard the Bonaventure on 2 JAN 1634/35. He stated that he was 20 years of age. This has led some compilations of the family history to show Richard's birth year as 1614, but it seems unlikely he would have been christened at 2 years of age.

Richard married Sarah, surname unknown.

On 21 NOV 1686 Richard Hargrave wrote his will in Norfolk County, VA and it began probate on 17 JAN 1686/87.

The children of Richard and Sarah Hargrave were:

6. Richard Hargrave, Jr. (1645 - 1704)

Richard Hargrave, Jr. was born in 1645 in Norfolk County, VA. He married Pembroke Pead, widow of Thomas Hardin and daughter of John Pead and Judith Bray.

Richard Hargrave wrote his will in Surry County, VA on 19 MAY 1704. It was proven in court on 4 JUL 1704.

The children of Richard and Pembroke Hargrave were:

7. Bray Hargrave (1670 - 1728)

Bray Hargrave was born in 1670 and was qualified for militia service in 1687. He was listed as a taxpayer in Norfolk County in 1688 and married to Mary HODGE, daughter of John HODGE and Margaret PHILLIPS, by 1690.

No will has been found for Bray Hargrave. His estate was probated on 17 APR 1728. Some researchers show that Mary Hodge Hargrave lived until 1769.

The children of Bray and Mary Hargrave were:

8. Augustine Hunnicutt Hargrave, (c1705 - 1763)

Augustine Hargrave was born about 1705 in Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County, VA. He married to Mary, thought to have been a LANE.

Augustine Hargrave wrote a will that began probate on 21 JUN 1763. I do not have the date of the writing of the will.

The children of Augustine and Mary Hargrave were:

9. Hartwell Hargrave, (1730 - 1796)

Hartwell Hargrave was born in 1730 in Surry County, VA. He was a Quaker, a member of the Blackwater Monthly Meeting.

Hartwell Hargrave married Miriam BAILEY around 12 month, 18 day, 1755 in Surry County, VA. Miriam Bailey was the daughter of Benjamin Bailey.

In 1767 Hartwell Hargrave was granted a certificate excusing him from military service as Quakers did not believe in violence, nor the support of violence. The Quaker faith also opposed slavery and during 1782 many members of the Blackwater Meeting began freeing their slaves. Hartwell Hargrave had freed one slave in 1776, and 3 more in 1782.

On 10 SEP 1794 Hartwell Hargrave wrote his will. Miriam Hargrave had died before this time. The will was probated on 28 APR 1796 in Surry County, VA.

The children of Hartwell and Miriam (Bailey) Hargrave were:

10. Sarah Hargrave, (1767 - 1856)

Sarah Hargrave was born in 1767 in Surry County, VA. Sarah married to Robert E. Elliston, Jr. in VA sometime during the American Revolution. Though her parents were Quakers, there is no record of Sarah's marriage or expulsion from the faith recorded in the existing minutes.

For details about the family of Robert and Sarah (Hargrave) Elliston, please see the ELLISTON/ELLISON Family page.

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