The GOODE family has presented me with a great many frustrations. This family is well researched, but there are a few real confusions in most of the works that I have found. Because of this, I am going to present this page opposite to the others I have done, beginning with my known information and moving back to the supposed links.

3. Florinda Goode, (c1668 - 1717)

Florinda Goode was born about 1668. By 1689 she was married to Thomas THARPE II of Old Rappahannock County, VA. Following his death, she married Thomas AYRES.

Florinda Goode Tharpe was the daughter of Richard GOODE. This information is found in the will of Thomas THARPE when he mentions his "father" Richard Goode.

2. Richard Goode

Richard Goode was father to Florinda Goode Tharpe Ayres. In 1704 Richard was named an executor of the will of his son-in-law Thomas Tharpe. It is not clear when he died.

I have seen various men mentioned as the father of this Richard Goode. I am unsure that any one of them is right. I will present them below, with my reasoning:

1A. Richard Goode

This Richard Goode was married to a Miss WHITLEY. These people are several generations removed from the right time frame to be correct. This Richard supposedly was born in the 1580/1600 time frame and died in the 1620/1650 time frame. Another lineage I have found contains this same Richard and Miss Whitley in our lineage, but as the grandparents of our Richard.

1B. Richard Goode, (1630-1720)

This Richard Goode was born in the 1630/1640 time frame in England. He was married to Mary. This Richard wrote a will on 30 NOV 1719 in Essex County, VA and named his sons John and Richard, his wife Mary, and his daughters Sarah GRAY and Margaret FARMER. And so the son Richard could be our Richard, but I have seen from reliable researchers that this Richard, brother to John died without children.

The long Goode family ancestry attributed to this Richard Goode comes from the book Virginia Cousins. A Study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode of Whitby. A Virginia Colonist of the Seventeenth Century, with Notes upon Related Families, a Key to Southern Genealogy and a History of the English Surname GODE, GOAD, GOODE or GOOD From 1148 to 1887 by G. Brown Goode @1974 C. J. Carrier Company, Harrisonburg, VA.

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