1. Robert E. ELLISTON (1732-1809)

Robert E. Elliston was born about 1732 in Virginia. Some people believe he was the son of Robert and Eleanor (Miller) Elliston of Stafford County, VA.

I think the Robert E. Elliston/Ellyson might have been a Quaker and might have been descended from Dr. Robert Ellyson of Virginia. In 1787 the Henrico Monthly Meeting of Quakers in Virginia cited a Robert Ellyson with misconduct. He was preparing to "remove to the back parts" of Virginia without their consent. They didn't have meetings set up there. The "back parts" of Virginia were what is now Kentucky. Our Robert E. Elliston showed up in newly created Fayette County, KY in 1788. The Quaker line of Ellison/Ellysons goes back to Dr. Robert Ellyson. More work is needed on this potential link.

About 1755 Robert E. Elliston married Elizabeth "Betty" Tharp, the daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Triplett) Tharp of Culpeper County, VA.

A Robert Elliston served during the American Revolution in the 14th Virginia Line. No descendants have joined the NSDAR or NSSAR on his service. It has not been determined that this is our Robert Elliston.

Benjamin Elliston, son of Robert and Betsy, left Virginia for the Kentucky area in 1786. Robert moved his entire family to Fayette County, KY shortly afterwards. The family is listed in the 1788 tax list there. Shortly after, the county lines were redrawn, and the family was in Woodford County. Robert Elliston died there in 1809, at about 77 years of age. His estate was valued at $6,000. Robert's will was recorded in the Woodford County, KY Will Book C and names his wife and children as his heirs. It is not known when Betsy (Tharp) Elliston died.

Robert and Betty Elliston had eleven children:

2. Robert E. ELLISTON, Jr. (1762-1836)

Robert E. Elliston Jr. was born about 1762, probably in Culpeper County, VA. He married Sarah HARGRAVE, daughter of Hartwell and Miriam (Bailey) HARGRAVE in the early 1780s. The HARGRAVE family were Quakers, and since there are no records indicating Sarah Hargrave Elliston's expulsion from the Society, it is likely that Robert Elliston was also a Quaker (which lends some support to the Dr. Robert Ellyson link explained above.)

Robert and Sarah Elliston moved from Virginia to Kentucky with Robert's parents in 1788. They stayed only a short while before moving to Burke County, Georgia.

Robert Elliston claimed Headright grants in Georgia in 1793. He was captain of a tax district in 1796 and in 1798 he paid taxes on 400 acres of land. In DEC 1804 Robert was accepted into the Sardis Baptist Church (formerly known as the Beach Branch Baptist Church) in Burke County, GA. He was an elder there and represented the church at its Associational meetings on occasion.

Robert and Sarah Elliston were slave holders in Burke County. They owned 17 slaves in 1820, and 24 in 1830. They may have run a plantation of some sort.

Robert Elliston died on 20 NOV 1836 at about 74 years of age. Because he owned so much property, it is almost certain that he left a will. However, Burke County courthouse fires destroyed all the records prior to 1856.

Sarah Hargrave Ellison survived her husband by more than 20 years. She lived alone in 1850 at 83 years of age. She couldn't read or write, but owned 9 slaves, and 600 acres of land.

Sarah Ellison died before 19 APR 1856 when probate records begin to appear in the Burke County records. She would have been 89 years old at that time. Final probate records were printed in The Waynesboro News on 15 FEB 1859.

Robert and Sarah Elliston had ten children, some of whom spelled their surname as ELLISON:

3. Thomas T. ELLISON, (1810-1888)

Thomas T. Ellison was born in March 1810 in Burke County, GA, the youngest child of Robert and Sarah (Hargrave) Elliston. Around 1830 Thomas married Lucretia ALLEN, the daughter of James and Frances (Simmons) ALLEN.

Thomas and Lucretia Allen moved from Burke County to Houston County, GA around 1849. Some of Lucretia's brothers had settled there in the 1830s, and Thomas's older brother Jacob had moved there also. Thomas Ellison was a farmer and owned property worth $5,500 in 1850.

The Ellison family would grow to a total of ten children:

In the mid-1850s, Thomas relocated his family to Lee County, GA. Lucretia (Allen) Ellison died there after July 1860. Thomas Ellison quickly remarried, to Elizabeth Bucknam (b 18 NOV 1837 in ME), on 25 DEC 1860. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bucknam was living in Georgia on her own, working as a schoolteacher in Early County, GA. Lizzie Bucknam was the daughter of Ichabod and Elizabeth (Wilson) Bucknam. Her heritage is presented in A Bucknam - Buckman Genealogy by Ann Theopold Chaplin.

Thomas and Lizzie Ellison had two children:

During the Civil War, Thomas Ellison served in a "home" unit, the 15th Battalion of the Georgia Cavalry State Guards. The unit was formed to defend southwest Georgia. After the war's conclusion the Ellison family remained in Lee County until about 1867 when they moved to Rome, Floyd County, GA. No reason for this move has been discovered.

Thomas Ellison, a farmer, died in Floyd County on 24 APR 1888. He was 78 years old. He is buried at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Rome. Thomas left a will in which he gave his property to his two youngest sons, however, his estate papers name all of his living heirs as receiving notifications.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bucknam Ellison moved to Atlanta with her son Joseph. She died there 1 APR 1926 at 88 years of age, and is buried at Crestlawn Cemetery in northwest Atlanta.

4. Frances D. Ellison (1834-1887)

Frances D. Ellison was born 11 JAN 1834 in Burke County, GA. She was the second of Thomas T. and Lucretia (Allen) Ellison's ten children. At age 19, Frances married her Houston County, GA neighbor Theodore Newton Killen on 22 FEB 1853. They were married by Minister B. F. Tharp. See the Killen Family Page for more details about their lives.

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