Many websites document the European ancestry of the Blount family, dating from the 10th or 11th century on to today. This site is only concerned with the Blounts who were in North Carolina from its inception.

1. James BLOUNT, (c. 1620 - c. 1686)

James Blount was the son of James Blount and a Miss Clare, leaving from England probably during its civil war and arriving in Virginia by 1655. He was in Chowan Precinct, Old Albemarle County, North Carolina by 1669 when he was a Council member. James played a part in local politics before, during, and after Culpeper's Rebellion. His first wife, mother to his children, is unknown. He was second married to Anna WILLIX, before 1683. James died before 7 JUL 1686.

The children of James BLOUNT were:

2. Captain Thomas BLOUNT, (c. 1650 - 1706)

Thomas BLOUNT was likely born in England and emigrated to the colonies as a small boy. He appears to have married twice, first to an unknown woman, mother to 4 children, and then to Mary PERRY, mother to 7 children.

Thomas Blount acquired much land, and took part in Councils and Assemblies in Chowan, Beaufort, and Perquimans Precincts. He was a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church and held positions there. Thomas died before 21 MAY 1706 at his home land of Cabin Ridge Plantation.

The children of Thomas Blount and his first wife were:

The children of Thomas and Mary (PERRY) Blount were:

3. Sarah BLOUNT, (c. 1675 - 17??)

Sarah BLOUNT married Captain Edmond PEARCE, a neighbor and business partnet of her family.

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