Directed by Alan Quismorio



Alan's most recent
Rumpus presented "Bound + Gagged", produced in association with the San Francisco Fringe Festival. A program of six new short plays exploring the subject of how we communicate and how we don't, how we connect and how we don't, where we live and where we don't. "Bound + Gagged" was be performed four times only, from September 8th to 17th.

1 program -- 6 plays (total running time 60 minutes)

DENOUEMENT: HWY 5 by Brian Couch and Cass Brayton

OYSTER LAGOON by Eleanor Scott

THIS TIME IN RENO by Michael Lütz

SNAP! by Tom Miller

1966 by Robert Estes

LIGHTS OUT by Richard McKern

Directed by Alan Quismorio

Performed by Jeff Bredt, Tina D'Elia, Joseph Holmes, Enrique Vallejo, Cass Brayton, Brian Couch, and Eleanor Scott.



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Dark Matter was our 2004 production, running from July 23 to August 8.

Here's a page of information about this hit!



It is an experiment and a novelty, for sure; but it will be fun for all. It could even be slightly mind-bending.



We're got a past.

Here's stuff about last year's progress



Critics liked us, they really liked us!

"Bravura one-man performance, portraying several characters caught up in the drama"



Are you a playwright? We're looking for you!

Playwrights for the program will be chosen from the pool of submissions by merit of originality, structure and a brief interview process.


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Alchemy Emerging Playwrights
A project to develop new works by emerging playwrights focusing on racial, sexual, and gender minorities. Alchemy seeks submission of completed scripts or works-in-progress.

Alan Quismorio is Artistic Director of AlchemySF and director of "Dark Matter" and "Dooley"


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