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All inputs due to the National Engineers Week Committee by Friday, January 10th, 2014.

    NEWC-VSB Scholarship Committee

    P.O. Box 941628

    Simi Valley, CA  93094-1628


Please send any inquiries via email to:

Scholarship Application Form


In order for the student to qualify for this award, the following minimum requirements must be met:

A.  The applicant must be currently enrolled in an accredited two or four-year college or university in Ventura or Santa Barbara counties.

B.  The applicant must be studying towards an engineering or technical degree related to engineering.  If the applicant’s college or university does not offer an engineering program, then a course of study preparatory to engineering will be accepted.

C.  The applicant must have maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or better in college level courses.

D.  An applicant does not need to have a sponsor to be considered.



NEW FOR 2014!   We will not accept handwritten Applications.  We expect that all engineering students have access to a computer. Download the MSWORD DOC file and type in your responses.  If submitting digitally, we accept only DOC,  DOCX or PDF formats. 


We will accept digital Applications (DOC, DOCX or PDF), Letters of Recommendations (PDF only) and Secure Digital Transcripts (PDF only) emailed to


Questions may be emailed to or call Dennis Horwitz at (805) 377-9480.


Include in your scholarship submission:

A.  This Application Form.  If emailed to the Scholarship Committee, we accept only DOC, DOCX or PDF files.

B.  An official college Academic Transcript.  Official Transcripts must be in sealed envelope or a Secure Digital Transcript can be emailed.  Include those from all colleges previously attended if a transfer student. Copies (including electronic). Unofficial copies are not accepted.  Since freshman students may not have completed their first semester by the Due Date, we request a copy of their high school transcript.

C.  A PERSONAL Letter of Recommendation (on letterhead  - if applicable) ) from non-relative.  Delivered in a sealed envelope or PDF copy emailed.

D.  An ACADEMIC Letter of Recommendation (on letterhead) from your academic advisor. Delivered in a sealed envelope or PDF copy emailed.

E.  Optional.  A PROFESSIONAL Letter of Recommendation (on letterhead) from a non-academic, technical professional.  Delivered in a sealed envelope or PDF copy emailed.

F.  Plan ahead.   The deadline for receiving all documents is January 10, 2014.