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Some Rootsweb files have been restored. The Blenderman and Kucher files now have new, working links. The World Connect links work but are still out of date, since uploading has not been enabled yet. Most other links (Civil War, St. Peters, etc.) are now working.

Blenderman Family Genealogy

My primary names of interest, starting with my great-grandparents, are: Blenderman(n), Krusekopf, Gates, Pollard, Radue, Schröder, Krause, and Hardt. The Table of Contents page has links to the Surname List and the Individuals Index. A Family Group Sheet contains three generations, with links to earlier and later generations' Family Group Sheets. Data for living persons has been removed. Rootsweb WorldConnect view is here. The three links just below for Relatives and one for Ancestors go to trees which reflect the most current additions (until the full databases can be updated).

Kucher Family Genealogy

Some of the names from my wife's family that we are researching are Kucher, Barth, Sigle, Benson, Dittmer (with spelling variations), Jäger, Lämmle, Schumann (with spelling variations), and Ziegler.

The Family Register Books (Familienbücher) of Grossbottwar, Württemberg, Germany contain a total of 54 different Kucher families. They have all been traced back to a single progenitor known as Johannes or Johann Jacob Kucher, of the town of Beilstein. Another 12 families have been identified in the Family Registers of Beilstein. All of these families have been compiled into a database of the Kucher Familienbücher. The oldest known bearer of the Kucher name in Beilstein is Jakob Kucher or Kuocher, born about 1595. The Kucher Familienbücher Data is also available in alternate format at the WorldConnect Project at RootsWeb.com.

Here's a selected list of genealogy links that I find useful.

The Civil War

My great-grandfather, George W. Gates, served with the 53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which was part of the 19th Corps, the Army of the Gulf. The site contains a complete roster of the regiment, along with information about their service in Louisiana (siege of Port Hudson), and information about and pictures of some individuals.

The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia has a new exhibit on the USS Monitor. These photos are from a visit in July, 2007.

Familysearch.org has records of Pennsylvania GAR Posts. Box 4 has an index of the content, by Box number.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, North Plainfield, NJ

Inactive as of November 1, 2009

Website Archive of the "Welcome Place", a former ELCA Congregation.

A photo gallery of the stained glass windows of St. Peter's church building.

Other Links

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Robert Blenderman, Artist

Web pages here will introduce you to the paintings of my third cousin Robert Blenderman, an artist living in Kingston, Ontario.

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared Aug.7, 1999, updated 27 August 2016, 5 August 2018